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NOTE: Business website is a FREE base module available as part of all plans for FREE with below mentioned features in it: Website content management via app / web dashboard. Customer Enquiry Widget. Photo Gallery. CDN for faster loading websites, globally. RealTime Analytics & Weekly Reports. Custom Pages. NowFloats Data Security. Unlimited Website Bandwidth. WhatsApp Chat Widget. Add 50 Latest News/Updates. Add 10 Products/Services to Catalogue. Boost branded Payment Gateway. Seasonal Offers. Website Social Share Plugin (Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business).


Terms and Conditions


NowFloats was founded in Hyderabad in 2012 with a vision is to enable and simplify the digital journey for every business in India. Our flagship product - Boost360, is built specifically for the MSME segment. 

For any MSME with ambitions to take their business online, Boost360 is the ideal product that helps them create an online identity, activate e-commerce and even start digital marketing across multiple channels, within minutes. 


The offer will be available exclusively for ICICI Bank customers.

In order to avail discount offer the customer shall be required to transact online during the offer period and shall be required to make payment through the account/cards held by the customer with ICICI Bank. 

"Card Holder/s" shall mean such customer/s to whom an ICICI Bank Card has been issued and who is authorized to hold and use the ICICI Card; 

“Card" shall mean an ICICI Bank VISA / AMEX / Master Card credit card and/or ICICI Bank debit card and/or ICICI Bank prepaid card any other card issued by ICICI Bank 

“Offer” shall mean 30% discount on using ICICI Bank card for online purchases on the Nowfloats website;

“Offer Period” shall mean the period commencing from 1june,2020 to 31st May 2021 both days inclusive;

“Services” shall mean the services offered by Nowfloats on its website; and

"Void Transactions" shall mean wherein the transaction has taken place but has been rejected /cancelled/ been unsuccessful at the store outlet or merchant website.

This offer cannot be clubbed with any offer that may be made available to the ICICI bank net banking/user/s/cardholder(s) by the alliance partner.

ICICI Bank and Alliance partner reserves the right, at any time, with prior notice of 15 days , to add/alter/modify/change or vary all of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part, this offer by another offer, whether similar to this offer or not, or to extend or withdraw it altogether. 

It is not mandatory for the ICICI Bank cardholders to participate in the Offer. Participation by the Cardholder is completely voluntary.

The Offer shall remain applicable only for the Offer Period.

In case of cancellation / return of the order/services or by the Cardholder or a Void Transactions, the transaction will not qualify for the Offer.

The discount offered under “The Offer” will under no circumstances be settled in cash.

Benefits under this Offer are neither transferable nor encashable.

Nowfloats provides no warranty or makes no representation about the quality, delivery or otherwise of the Services provided by itself or the discount offered by ICICI Bank.

Nowfloats shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim that may arise out of use or otherwise of the Offer availed by the Card Holder.

Nowfloats reserves the right to disqualify the Cardholder from the benefits of its Services, if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Offer.

The Cardholder hereby grant permission to Nowfloats to use their personal information in order to provide the benefits of the Offer to them.

Apart from these terms and conditions, the terms of use and privacy policy of the Nowfloats website and the terms and conditions applicable to ICICI Bank Cardholder shall continue to apply. Any person availing of this offer shall be deemed to have accepted the aforementioned terms.

The Cardholder agrees and acknowledges that ICICI Bank is only a promotional partner and the Services are owned and operated by Nowfloats.

All disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of above Offer or otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts / tribunals in Mumbai only.

Product Terms (Boost)

•    All the defined services will be rendered by Boost Care Team, NowFloats Technologies Pvt Ltd.

•    All prices are exclusive of taxes.

•    Information required for paid activation – Business Name, Business Address (must include state, city and pin code), Business contact details (primary number, secondary number, primary email).

•    If a demo account has already been created on Boost360, kindly share the demo account details (website address or registered username) for further activation

•    If the user wishes to use Boost360 website as supplement to existing website, please share the existing website url, and the sub-domain where Boost360 is going to be hosted. For activation, Boost Care team will get in touch with you for the process for activation

•    No content creation is undertaken by NowFloats . We simply provide the tools and all content & communication will have to be created and managed by the user

•    The website provided is pre-built and no customisation in design / layout can be done, other than what is currently supported in the product

•    User will be liable for the authenticity and accountability of the content put on the website

•    To run the application on an Android phone, the minimum requirement is Android 4.4 or higher. For Apple phones the minimum requirement is iOS 11.0 or higher. Please track the app stores for latest updates of minimum requirement

•    When the new domain is purchased via Boost, the domain ownership by default will be with NowFloats. On formally making a request to the Boost Care team, the domain ownership can be transferred to the user (if the request is raised at-least before 30 days of package expiry otherwise cannot be transferred).

•    Once the paid bundle is activated, no refund will be processed.

•    For any technical or product related queries, all paid customers will have access to the Boost Care team. Depending on the type of query/issue the resolution SLA will differ. It may also differ incase of third party dependency ( if any ).

•    Customer Call Tracking Number - Number is provided by our telecom partners and they shall retain the ownership as long the Boost 360 subscription package is valid, user is allowed to use it only on their website. The user shall held liable for breach of above clauses and shall bear the loss and other cost/expenses related to the same.

•    Customer Call Tracker Recording – privacy of this information completely lies on the user. These recordings are solely in purpose of improving user’s end-customer understanding and should not be shared with any third party. The user shall held liable for breach of above clauses and shall bear the loss and other cost/expenses related to the same.

•    Analytics data is generally delivered in real-time. However, based on certain circumstances and technical considerations this might take up to 48 hours.

•    Boost360 Appointment management guarantees a smooth and easy appointment booking experience (paid/free). The module does not take any accountability of the delivery of the appointment.

•    All disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of above Offer or otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts / tribunals in Mumbai only

How to avail the offer:

Customer can avail the offer through 3 options

Case 1. Calling helpline number- +91-7303415715

Case 2. Filling the enquiry form

Case 3. Share email at icicihelpdesk@nowfloats.com

NowFloats agents will respond to the call/email or forml. Agent to explain ICICI Bank offer & the identity/ ecommerce/ digital marekting packs briefly. Based on feedback, a lead is created in the ERP/CRP and a NowFloats salesperson will assigned for further follow up.

The salesperson will assist the customer through sales cycle and share details of packages created for ICICI Bank iStartUp Account (identity, ecommerce, digital marketing).

Salesperson helps the customer to setup a demo through Boost360 App.

Payment will be made through the Boost360 App.

Once payment is done, customer subscription will be activated.

Here-on, NowFloats support team will complete the on-boarding & training process

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