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How To Get Your Spa Customers To Love You As Much As You Love Them

The secret to running any great Spa & Salon is having credibility, accessibility, and providing great customer experience. You strive to do that all day, every day. However, when your customers are online, how will they know all that you're doing for them offline?

Keeping this in mind, we specifically designed NowFloats for Spas & Salons to recreate the incredible experience you provide in an online format. The principle is simple: NowFloats enables you to be highly accessible and visible in your location and eliminates your need to be discovered on any other platform. That means you get your customer directly on your site without any third-party intervention or support. 

Once on your website, your customer can browse through a beautiful service catalogue:

And instantly book an appointment to be with you at their convenience:

You can easily and securely collect payments online or choose to collect them when your customer visits you. At the end of the day, you will have access to all the analytics that tells you exactly who has been visiting your website and expressing interest, and you can easily target your memberships and other offerings to them via your website itself. 


As a NowFloats user, you will have the benefit of integrating WhatsApp to your website. You not only have the power to communicate over your customers' most preferred channel, but you will also be doing it at the same time as all your other social media communications. Read this article about how you can consolidate all your business communications in one place, without spending more time on every individual platform. 

We want you to be 100% available for your customers. So we offer premium integrations like the chatbot and the IVR system. Request a demo here