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How Do You Run A Beloved Educational Institution In The Digital Age?

When you think about your own school or the university you attended, you're lit up with a sense of pride and belonging. 

For centuries, educational institutions have built their brand on the foundation of their own credibility and loyalty from their student and teacher communities. Nothing beats the power of trusting your school. When you trust an educational institution, you trust your life and your future with it. 

Now that we're in 2019, we're exposed to learning everywhere, including mobile phone apps. Between big brand institutions and apps, how do you build market share for your educational institution?

Whether you run a preschool, coaching institute or teach how to make handmade soaps, providing education is an exceptional activity that deserves to be noticed by your target audience. 

This is why NowFloats has built Boost for Education, keeping in mind the specific results that educational institutions need. 

The most important function that NowFloats serves for any business is local discovery. Once your students have discovered you online, they land on your website. Here's where the magic happens. 

Every student is greeted by a beautiful home page that shows all your upcoming programs, immediately drawing their attention to how they can engage with you:

Your website is designed to give your students the same experience that they will have if they walk into your institution. Your credentials are visible, and so is your success. 

With easy and intuitive navigation, your prospective students can access both the list of your toppers, as well as read their testimonies about you:

We know that you care about your students' futures, so we ensure that your future students not only get the full information that they need about your institution but also stay long enough to have a conversation with you.

We've taken the 'Contact Us' feature to a whole new level where communication between you and your students is quick and complete. 

Your website comes fully integrated with your WhatsApp, so that you are available on the same platform as all your students:

You could even choose to have a premium feature like your own chatbot, so that each and every visitor on your website is spoken to and engaged with:

There's no doubt that you make the best education available for students out there. Your commitment to building futures is unparalleled. The least you can do for your educational institution is to make yourself available where your students are looking for you. And it's NowFloats' job to ensure that your students enjoy the same warm and welcoming environment that their beloved teachers provide in your classrooms. 


As a NowFloats user, you will have the benefit of integrating WhatsApp to your website. You not only have the power to communicate over your customers' most preferred channel, but you will also be doing it at the same time as all your other social media communications. Read this article about how you can consolidate all your business communications in one place, without spending more time on every individual platform. 

We want you to be 100% available for your customers. So we offer premium integrations like the chatbot and the IVR system. Request a demo here.