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How can wellness & spa SMEs ensure that they keep customers happy

by Team Boost 360
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Sugandha visits the spa in her neighbour twice a month. The services she opts for are varied, but she always comes back feeling fresh and happy – as much from the therapies as she does from her interactions with the spa employees. They remember her name, her choices and preferences, and even ask about her children. And on her birthday and anniversary, they send her discount coupons without fail. 

Compare that with Namrata, who visits a wellness studio for yoga sessions thrice a week. Despite the fact that she’s regular, she’s never recognised – either by the trainer or the receptionist – and her continued complaints about not getting a locker yet have not been addressed. The classes feel mundane and she has switched off due to disinterest. 

Which of these two customers do you think will be loyal in the long run? No points for getting the right answer for it is clear as crystal!

The owner of every small business such as yoga/personal trainer, wellness coach, salon, parlour, spa, massage therapist, or a natural beauty/health food business should know that CUSTOMER comes first.

Know your wellness & spa customer well

Before drawing up any plans to engage customers, consider the most important thing: they are people first. This means that every customer is a different person, and will have his or her own personalities, likes, dislikes, choices, preferences, and circumstances.

It is important to understand what makes your customer feel happy, valued, and appreciated.

The first opportunity to please the customer is during the first interaction, but there will be many more – from the initial service to product offerings and after-care support. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to know more about what s/he wants.

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Personalise your wellness & spa service offerings

It is important to understand what your customers value and then add suitable personal touches to your service delivery. Ask them for reviews and feedback consistently and work on this. 

You can use their inputs to tailor your offering to suit your customers’ needs – say provide special products for someone allergic to regular cosmetic brands. Personalising your offers will build a good rapport with clients and ensure that your wellness business is recognised for its great customer service.

This will, over time, also lead to repeat customers and referrals. 

Make your wellness & spa customer retention the top priority

Businesses lose lots of money when they lose customers through the course of the year. However, many wellness businesses tend to be so focused on spreading the word to bring in new customers that they forget about the ones they already have.

It is important to remember that it’s easier to retain old customers than acquire new ones. Customer acquisition is expensive, so it makes more business sense to develop long-term relationships with existing customers.

Retaining old customers puts you on the path to grow your brand and increase profits. This is because a steady stream of repeat customers lets you focus on providing better services to the customers you already have.

Make repeat customers feel like VIPs

Very often, small businesses tend to focus on new clients, accounts, products, and more. But amid all this, it’s important not to forget your strongest allies: loyal customers.

Loyal customers are the backbone of your business, benefiting you in many ways. They opt for services more regularly, buy more services, and function as a marketing and advertising channels -referring friends, family and coworkers about your services.

They also function as marketing and advertising channels for your wellness business – referring friends, family, and coworkers to your spa or studio.

It can be easy to take these customers for granted, but you never should. Focus instead on making them feel like VIPs, with special discounts, offers, and giveaways, so that they remain your most vocal champions.

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Connect with your spa customers regularly

In an age where information is everywhere, your SME can stand out by offering content and advice that’s extremely relevant and focused. Your content should answer your customers’ questions and queries and provide answers and solutions.

If you run a beauty salon, consider adding explainer videos on makeup tricks, hairstyle hacks, and home facials; a yoga or personal trainer can upload content on exercises that clients can do to take care of their back and neck after working from home all day. A massage therapist can put out photos of offers on the blogs and their many benefits.

Your business seems more customer-friendly and attracts more attention if you try to offer help instead of immediately selling your services. But remember, all your content should deliver value and connect with regular and potential customers. 

Try to learn from your mistakes

The facial wasn’t so great. The massage therapist was rude. The exercise was done wrong and the customer was left with a niggling pain. During the course of providing services day after day, mistakes are bound to happen. But every mistake holds the opportunity to earn a lifelong customer. How?

Customers tend to remember negative experiences much more than positive ones, and often share them with friends and on social networks.

So, if you make a mistake but fix it promptly, the customer is much more likely to talk about it. Correct the situation by giving a full refund, offering coupons and freebies, giving a free membership for a month, etc. 

Other strategies to build customer loyalty include holding VIP customer events, sending thank you notes, employing the right staff, and smiling more often. It’s important to reward customer loyalty and do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. 

Here's a way to keep your wellness & spa customers happy

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