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7 tips for spas and salons to get customers during COVID in 2021

by Team Boost 360

The beauty industry, which has always been in the business, suffered a huge impact after the COVID-19 pandemic. The businesses were hit badly considering that salons and spas are dependent on prolonged close contact, which goes against the coronavirus-led social distancing guidelines. 

And as more and more people worked from home and stayed away from socialising, the need for perfect skin, hair, makeup, and more went down drastically. 

The new precautions that have been put in place almost everywhere include masks, gloves, partitions, spacing between stations, eliminating walk-in appointments, and increased sterilising procedures help reduce chances of infection and inject confidence among clients. 

How can small spas and salons that were so badly impacted by COVID-19 thrive now that they have managed to survive? These tips could help:

1. Make a good first impression

The no mask, no entry” sign at the door doesn’t really send out a welcoming message, but there’s no option. However, once inside, you can try and create a pleasing haven for your clients.

Simple signage that illustrates the requirements – face masks, protective gear, limited communication, and more – will send the message across. Make sure the salon/spa is clean and inviting, but does not look too sterile or antiseptic. Adding a few plants could add warmth. 

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2. Update and inform clients

Everyone knows that things will not be the same for a while to come. But it’s important for spa and salon owners to educate people on the changes they are making after the pandemic.

Tell them how you are complying with all government guidelines and restrictions, and why they need to cooperate.

Send out regular updates, on email or on social media channels, about what they need to do. Wait in the car till their appointment time, wear a face mask, not bring friends along etc. 

3. Eliminate all unnecessary contact

Spas and salons can never offer contactless services, but it’s important to show clients that you have created a safe space for your clients.

Eliminating walk-in clients and ensuring you offer services only by appointment can minimise the risk for your clients as well as your team.

Virtual appointments and check-ins mean you don’t need to offer and share clipboards and pens or tablets. 

4. Limit the number of people

A vaccine may be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that spas and salons can afford to take things easy. It’s important to continue monitoring the number of people in your premises and to limit the presence of clients and employees.

This will allow as much social distancing as possible. Try and add extra space between service stations and chairs, where possible, or install temporary divider shields to keep them apart.

5. Clean, clean, clean

Coronavirus has brought hygiene and sanitation to the forefront, and there’s no better way to reassure your clients that safety in paramount in your establishment.

Set up a cleaning schedule and tell your clients about it – put up notices in the work area and washroom, and on social media. Make sure commonly touched surfaces, like door and drawer handles, are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Handwashing or hand sanitising stations are important as are machines to sterilise tools and disposable aprons, gloves, and caps. Make sure your clients see you cleaning up off and on – it will increase their sense of security. 

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6. Opt for retail to increase sales

You can sell massage oil, shampoo, conditioner, and essential oils as a new revenue stream as the world returns to normal.

The demand for these products did not go down even during the pandemic, and chances are that when people will take back a few bottles when they visit your spa/salon and like the products that you used. 

7. Don’t forget to enhance customer experience

It’s not easy to go all out when it comes to building customer loyalty during this time. But small steps can take you a long way.

Launch a reward programme, host giveaways and contests regularly, send a personal thank you on text or email, ask for feedback, send out gift cards (especially if someone has had an expensive/long treatment), offer discounts to students and on future services. Offering product samples is also a good “return gift” to carry home. 

It’s important for salon/spa staff to make customers feel at home and enhance their experience. Eye contact in the mirror, a smile as you pass by the chair, a gloved hand on the shoulder, a pat on the head after you cut it…all these little touches will go a long way to making every customer feel special. 


Going online can make all the difference between surviving and thriving in the months after coronavirus. It can help you automate operations and stay connected while providing services.

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