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5 tips to improve customers for your salon business online

by Team Boost 360

India’s young population, rising disposable income, and an overall shift towards a healthier lifestyle means that more and more people are looking for beauty and wellness options.

Despite having salons in their area, most people tend to go online when they want to look for a certain service – be it a haircut, facial, pedicure, hair treatment, and massage. 

Getting online is the first step to making yourself found by customers searching on the internet. But it’s no longer about just putting a website. It’s more important than ever for your business to stand out from the competition, which is why we have put together this list of tips for salons and spas to try now!

Rank highly on search engines

Most people click on the first search result shown by Google. That’s why it is important to invest time, effort, and money to make sure that your salon shows up on the first page when people search for a pedicure or facial “near me”.

Apart from having an attractive design and quality content, make sure your website is optimised for search engines so that new clients can find you.

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Make use of social media 

Once you have a website, start marketing your salon on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Update your followers about the latest offerings, attractive deals, tips, videos and much more. Remember, the more you interact with your followers here, the more will be the customers visiting your spa or salon.

To make it more interesting, give social media only bonuses, follower discount, etc. Also read and reply to reviews provided by your customers on social media.

Some great post ideas you can use: Add before and after photos of clients, happy videos of customers in your salon, photos and backgrounds of your stylists and aestheticians, quick tutorial videos, and products or sale items. You should also create posts around your salon expertise, brand personality, and culture in a low-key, simple way.

Get more customer reviews

Most customers now read reviews online for local businesses. Most studies reveal that majority of people will click on a business in the local search results if it has positive reviews, even if it’s not the top result.

Create Google My Business (GMB) page and encourage your clients to leave feedback for the services they opted for during their visit, and make sure positive reviews come in regularly so that you can build your rating and ranking. 

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Convert website visitors into customers

Make it impossible for people visiting your website or social media page to go away without signing up for something. Discounts work well, especially when put out as a first-visit offer or code on the landing page of your website.

Put out calls to action on every interface – be it your website, or on Facebook, Instagram, or others. ‘Call now’, ‘drop in now’,  ‘make a call to book’, ‘book online here’….there are plenty of persuasive statements that can help you gain new clients.

Offer online booking and then make it a bit personal by giving clients who have booked a service a call. This gives a friendly, welcoming impression, and makes clients more committed. It’s also a good opportunity to check if the right service/timing has been selected. 

Remember to use these key features when you run your campaigns: your location, your team’s talents, the facilities at your salon/parlour, the treatments/services and experiences you offer. 

How Boost 360 can help

With Boost360, you can select a spa & salon theme that is tailored to best fit your needs. The app helps you create a website without any coding knowledge and update it on the go with a single tap. You can perform social media marketing, run discounts, gather leads and even provide appointment bookings on your website. Targeting these customers to grow your salon with Boost 360 ensures you don’t lose time on other important activities.

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