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4 Reasons Why Boost 360 Is The Best Bet At Expanding Your Salon Business

by Team Boost 360
4 Reasons Why Boost 360 Is The Best Bet At Expanding Your Salon Business

Blog Summary

  • Boost 360 offers a wide range of online tools to grow your beauty salon business. 
  • Set up your salon website in easy steps within minutes without knowing coding. 
  • Boost 360 can provide you with a cutting-edge beauty salon business website which is also easy to build and operate. 

As a salon business owner, you know how hard it is to run a successful business.

One of the best ways of getting a steady stream of customers is by going online. Having an engaging website is critical if you want your business to grow, especially in a competitive market.

As a well-known and reputed stylist, your aim is to look for new customers while assuring that the current ones are loyal to you.

Having a well-designed and up-to-date website made with Boost 360 will convince more customers to approach you and lead to your business growth. 

Boost 360: Your comprehensive salon website builder

Boost 360 offers easy-to-set-up-and-run business websites with added functionalities for your salon business.

Let’s look at the top four elements that contribute to the popularity of Boost 360 and why it is the best bet to expand your salon business.

Create a website for your business in just few minutes

1. Helps you create a user-friendly website

Boost 360 is fast, easy to use, and built with the relevant business category in mind.

Once you enter your details, it will automatically choose the best website template for you depending on your business vertical.  

Its simple, functional beauty salon template is specially created keeping your users in mind.

As a result, you can benefit from a customisable beauty salon website which can promote your business and attract new customers.

2. Easy appointment booking and management

Make it easier for your customers to book their appointments by enabling online booking right on your home page. Your salon business website from Boost 360 will give you everything you need to control your appointments including the means to cancel and reschedule your bookings as required. 

Your customers can pay through multiple modes using a secure payment gateway or make their payment prior to/after the appointment through the Cash on Delivery model.

In case you are worried about the safety of your payments, be assured that the Boost Payment Gateway is fully secure and compliant with global safety standards like PCI DSS and others. 

Created with the customer in mind, the online appointment booking feature is critical to improving their experience and increasing the conversion rate for your business. 

3. Customer engagement tools

Customer engagement tools

With its cutting-edge tools, Boost 360 gives you complete control over how your salon business website appears online. 

From social media integration which shares web updates automatically to your social media pages, to publishing ratings and reviews, and sending out periodic newsletters,

Boost 360 presents you with a complete business promotion and engagement offering.

Use the Business Updates feature to post short snippets about your business to stay in touch with your customers while improving your Google ranking at the same time.

You can also post blogs and videos about your business using our Custom Pages feature. 

4. Membership plans 

Boost 360 websites come with a unique Membership Plans feature which allows you to attract customers by offering special discounts and privileges.

It can be an important addition to your marketing strategy which can assist in creating a steady customer base.

Use this feature to retain your existing customers while using the multiple promotional tools offered by Boost 360 to reach out to new customers. 

What makes Boost 360 a trusted beauty salon website builder?

A good-looking, sleek website impresses visitors, infuses confidence and enables them to take the right actions.

As a beauty salon owner, you can significantly benefit from getting more customers with a stunning Boost 360 website.

You can also use your beauty salon website as an online channel to build customer relationships, drive promotions and upsell hair and beauty products.

Boost 360 is a trusted beauty salon website builder because:

  • It offers a well-designed website. 
  • It is easy to set up and operate.
  • It offers a good user experience for the customer.   
  • It offers a seamless appointment booking process for customers.  
  • It offers cutting-edge technologies that greatly help in promoting a business and retaining old customers.

Use Boost 360 to create and manage business website easily

Why Boost 360 is the best website builder for your business

Website Builder for Salon Business

Boost 360 understands your needs and is fully equipped to handle them.

From choosing an appropriate template to offering a wide range of options in the inbuilt catalogue, you gain access to a cutting-edge website that meets your specific business requirements.

Moreover, with exciting pricing plans starting at ₹5,770/year (applicable taxes extra), you can choose your subscription plan as required. 

Start by activating your 15-day free trial to experience the benefits of Boost 360. Once you are convinced about the product you can upgrade to a plan of your choice. 

Choose the smartest way of going online

Boost 360 allows you to create your own website with optimisation tools to enhance your brand awareness and generate more calls and enquiries. 

So if you’re wanting to grow your salon business, choose Boost 360 to show you the fastest and smartest way of creating a beautiful website with cutting-edge features.

As the ultimate website building solution, Boost 360 brings you stunning websites with beautiful design templates and easy-to-use customisation tools.

If you’re looking to keep your audience engaged, raise confidence as a beauty salon owner and get closer to your customers, it’s time to get started with Boost 360 today.

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