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Why Is An Exclusive App Beneficial For A Service Business?

by Team Boost 360
Why Is An Exclusive App Beneficial For A Service Business?

Blog Summary

  • A customer-facing service app allows direct communication between you and the customer, this helps in building trust and a sense of loyalty amongst your clientele.
  • A well-thought-out app easily syncs with your website, this helps in ensuring brand consistency.
  • Customers will be impressed with how tech-savvy your brand is, once you opt for a dynamic business app.

Service businesses can immensely benefit from a customer-facing app. Not only does an app become a strategic business tool, but it also has the potential to upgrade customer experience.

Having a distinct brand image is important as it helps in getting the attention of your target customer base. A customer-facing app will help in strengthening your brand’s image and visibility. In this way, your brand will remain in your customers’ minds reminding them to choose your services. 

A business app gives you the advantage of interacting with your audience anywhere and anytime. It can be a critical tool for growing your business by improving customer experience. 

Here are some benefits of having an exclusive customer-facing app for your services:

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1. A unique selling point

Customers will be able to go through the details of your services through the app.

This will prove to be a tremendous benefit for your marketing and branding efforts allowing your business to stand out from the competition.

2. Quick access

 An app will enable you to connect with your customers easily and inform them of your activities. You can quickly tell them about your offers and discounts.

Besides, customers can go through the FAQ section of your app and browse commonly asked questions to resolve their issues. 

An app helps in building brand awareness. The customer knows they can easily go through the details of your business while they are on the go and book the services.

They will also be able to see your client testimonials using the app; this way they will be confident that they are dealing with a credible company. 

 3. Customer retention

Maintaining customer loyalty is a Herculean task. Most people remain loyal to a particular service provider because they value the quality of their service and expect the same from the provider moving forward. 

A customer-facing app will create a lasting impression on your clients. It will make them feel they know your brand personally. It will inform the users about reward points, freebies, discounts, etc., to build loyalty. 

4. Marketing your business

Marketing your businessMarketing can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Not everyone can be a pro at running various marketing channels.

An app, however, can work as an integrated marketing tool, through which you can highlight any kind of communication that needs to be put forth. You can give your clients special offers and be in direct contact with them at any time and any place. 

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5. Image building

Every service-offering business must have a unique identity and an app can help in doing that. Your business must have a recognisable and distinct brand image that will help you build a community around it. 

This community can be used to market your business through online marketing activities and share stories, information, as well as knowledge about your business.

You will be able to grow your community and brand presence by having your app on your clients’ phones.

 6. Enhanced customer satisfaction

Business apps allow companies to interact with customers, improve customer experience, and streamline processes for all.

Customers can use your app to connect with your team, seek advice, offer feedback or ask questions. The app can also provide details about exclusive offers and discounts to your clientele.

Businesses that provide fantastic customer experience also tend to get better reviews. When implemented effectively, business apps are highly useful for providing a superior customer experience. 

My Biz App- Key to running a successful service-oriented business

My Biz App: Key to running a successful service-oriented business

 Business apps are a great way to stand out in the market. My Biz App is a dynamic customer-facing app from Boost 360 which accompanies your business website. 

Opting for My Biz App will benefit you in several ways:

  • You’ll have access to a well-designed customer-facing app
  • The look and feel of the app will be the same as your official website, so that there is no disparity in the branding 
  • My Biz App is dynamic and will automatically sync with your website to avoid confusion 
  • You won’t have to worry about making backend changes to the app
  • The business app will be ready within 7 working days of requesting it
  • The app will be optimised for your smartphone and tablet
  • You can use your smartphone to upload business files or photos
  • It can be easily used by people who have limited technical knowledge

You can sign up for My Biz App today and see how beneficial it will be for your business. Get your own dynamic business app and share it with your customers to improve your brand image and maintain customer loyalty.

Boost 360 for service businesses
Boost 360 for service businesses

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