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Why digital marketing is important for an interior design business

by Team Boost 360
Why digital marketing is vital for an interior design business

Twinkle Khanna. Gauri Khan. Suzanne Khan. Mana Shetty. 

Interior design is attracting quite a few celebrities in India these days. Their addition to this already business makes it a competitive field. The many opportunities for an interior design business include interior design, professional organising, painting, and other services. 

Getting your business online

The best way to make a mark as an interior designer is to get online and start growing your brand. You need an attractive website that showcases stunning photographs of your work, a clear-cut idea about your design philosophy and vision of who your ideal client is.

And, most important of all, you need a digital marketing strategy. Even Twinkle Khanna and Gauri Khan have one! 

Here’s why digital marketing is important for every interior design business:

1. To build your brand identity and image

Branding your interior design business properly will allow you to attract clients who share your vision, ideas, and aesthetics, and will work their way to affording you.

How can you do this? By asking yourself some important questions. Who are you? What is your style? What kind of designs do you like? What is your best quality? What kind of projects do you prefer? Do you have a specialisation? Your brand identity should reveal all this about you – and digital marketing can help you do this with style. 

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2. To help your business rise in search engine rankings

Using Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) techniques to increase the ranking of your website among the top results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social media channels is one of the most important digital marketing tips for interior design businesses.

Many tools, including Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest, can be used to optimise content. You can also list in local online directories to improve the visibility of your business. 

SEO also helps you with keywords and phrases that your target audiences search for; you can then use these keywords and phrases in blogging, content marketing, interior design marketing materials, posts on social media, and more.

3. To use social media to grow your business

Today, People use the internet to search for options of a particular product or service. The same holds true for interior design, which makes it important to use digital marketing to target all the potential customers out there.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you need to make your presence felt on every channel. Post photos, videos, relevant expert content, ideas, design templates, reviews, and more to demonstrate your work in the field of interior design along with your accomplishments.

Interior businesses can use Pinterest Boards to showcase their designs similar to having an online portfolio of sorts. Use attractive photographs and pictures so that anyone who sees your Pinterest boards wants to get their space designed by you.

It’s vital to display a variety of design ideas – modern, rustic, ethnic, minimalistic, traditional, and more – so that you can attract people with all kinds of preferences. Digital marketing lets you demonstrate your implementation of different styles and patterns before you speak to new clients so that they get to know all the services your small business offers.

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4. To grow your network and attract more clients

LinkedIn is more than a business and employment-oriented online service network. It is a valuable means to get in touch with experts and influencers of the industry.

LinkedIn influencers can help generate a buzz about your services and they can connect you to others in their network. Word of mouth travels fast – especially via the internet!

Experienced influencers can combine a powerful narrative, graphic design, hashtags, and your business details in a powerful post and share it on their social networking profiles. All their followers are sure to be interested in what they are promoting.

Digital marketing can also help build a partnership with brands that have a large database of potential clients for you. Interior design magazines, appliance and fittings brands, paint makers, and furnishings stores could be great partners that could be used for cross-selling. 

It is clear that digital marketing can help small interior design businesses grow big. But, it is important to define your marketing budget by connecting with qualified experts. Boost360 can help you do this.

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Boost 360 for service businesses

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