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What does having a website mean for a real estate agent

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What does having a website mean for a real estate agent

When Radhemohan Tiwari, a resident of Lucknow, needed to look for a new home to rent for his sister, he went about it the way his father had. Asking neighbours, watchmen, relatives, and friends for recommendations and know-how. He did the same when he decided to sell his ancestral home, and hoped that he would be able to find a good buyer who offered a decent price. 

Fast forward 25 years to when his daughter, set to move to Bhopal for a new job, wanted a rental apartment. She did what most people today tend to do: whipped out her mobile phone, did her research, looked at homes and rental prices, and then searched out a reputable real estate agent. 

She’s not the only one. 

Your digital presence begins with a website that allows service providers to be found and keeps new customers walking in through the door. For it’s a fact that most people would prefer to browse online for options before making a call. 

The fact that there are so many agents in the market today makes it vital for you to create a robust online presence. Your next client may be out there, looking online for a real estate agent, and a website can give you an edge. It can give you a way to control and grow your digital presence, one of the most important assets of your real estate brand. 

In today’s tech-driven world, here’s why every real estate agent, big or small, needs to have a website. 

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1. It helps you build your brand and set yourself apart

Very often, potential clients may think that you are new to the industry – especially if they can’t find you on the internet. If they think you are new, they may turn to other, more “experienced” real estate agents.

A website can help you get and retain leads by increasing awareness about your brand, knowledge, and authority.

This ensures that you are no longer just a face in the crowd and can help differentiate your business from your many competitors.

The real estate business – and your sales and commissions – depend upon your personality and how you are perceived by the public.  Your website lets you speak directly to the target clientele, provide valuable information, and describe your capabilities, expertise, and services.

You can also use it to build trust by providing social proof – wonderful testimonials furnished by happy clients in happy homes. 

2. It makes you discoverable to a range of clients

Not having a website means that your real estate business is invisible to a very large pool of potential clients. People in every age group – be it baby boomers or millennials, now rely on websites to help them find agents, homes, or other spaces.

Your website functions as the face of your business online, and it is where potential clients can discover what you have to offer – round the clock. Your office might close, but the website is open all the time.

Also, in today’s competitive marketplace, real agents must do more than display services. Make the website a valuable resource with relevant, helpful information so that current and potential clients turn to it when in need.

3. It helps connect with customers and build a community

In today’s world, a website can act as a stepping stone that leads a real estate agent to new paths of growing business. It is the best foundation to build your online presence and create a community.

Connecting your website with social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others can help create a buzz if you post relevant and regular content.

You can also set up a blog to share knowledge, establish trust, build SEO, and use hyperlocal content so that you can highlight the communities and neighbourhoods where you operate.

All these channels become a resource for customers, and over time, conversations and shares can help build a strong community that generates leads and nurtures relationships.

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4. It makes you the local real estate agent everyone knows

Every area and neighbourhood tends to have a top agent, one who’s known by almost every other family. Your website can help you grow so that you fit into this position.

How? Apart from focusing on creating a community, it lets you demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of the local market.

Create and upload simple articles and videos that may be of interest to potential clients. You can also discuss the latest sales, trends in homes and housing, new projects – anything that clients may be interested in. 

If you are focusing on certain specific areas of your town or city, integrating targeted keywords into your website elements through local SEO tactics including url and page titles, content, meta data, meta description, and others can help.

Using these “long-tail” keywords puts you at a distinct advantage over the competition, as potential client has a greater chance of discovering you when looking for real estate in your “area”. Showing up on top in local search results makes you the “go-to” agent who has his finger on the pulse of the market. 

5. Earn good return on investment

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) is important in every kind of marketing because ROI measures the concrete performance of your marketing campaigns, and can influence your marketing spend, strategy, and more.

The days of outbound marketing seem to be past us, and it’s time for real estate agents to focus on inbound marketing. An online presence, beginning with a website and enhanced by social media and content marketing, ensures that you rise up the search rankings and naturally attract your target market.

A website is also lost-cost advertising – as compared to other traditional methods – and brings you good return on investment over time.

It is important to track the two types of conversions: people who land on your site and convert into leads, and leads that convert into sales. It’s important to remember that your website is a one-time investment that turns into a constant source of leads and visibility. It waits for and welcomes every current and potential customer, no matter their schedule and time.

Combining your website with effective digital marketing can ensure a constant source for real estate agents in every city across India.

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