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Benefits of call recording and IVR, and why every small business should have them

by Team Boost 360
Benefits of call recording and IVR, and why every small business should have them

“Hello. Thank you for calling. To talk to our Sales representatives, Press 1. To speak to someone in Customer Support, Press 2. If you know the extension of the person you wish to speak to, Press 3. For more assistance, Press 4.”

Almost everyone has been through this experience. This, in a nutshell, is Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The automated call management technology plays pre-recorded information and prompts callers to self-direct their call to the right department/ person. 

Why is this of interest to small businesses? 

The size of your company does not matter when it comes to IVR, for the benefits far outweigh the initial costs. Be it a retail store, a tuition class, a doctor’s practice, or a fitness studio, IVR software and IVR customer analytics can help provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and ultimately grow the business. 

Another process that works alongside IVR is call recording. It records conversations between customers and agents so that it can be stored, retrieved and evaluated, according to business needs. They both work well in together, and are used together by most companies. 

Small businesses can get numerous benefits from integrating an IVR solution into their infrastructure. 

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1. It leads to a decline in human errors 

An IVR system automates processes, which means your small business no longer needs to rely on that one receptionist or customer service representative, who doesn’t have the bandwidth to the large number of calls every day.

Automated segmentation and filtering ensures that every call ends up in the right department or with the right person. 

2. It enhances customer satisfaction

Using an IVR system increases first-contact quality – for the company and customers. It directs customers to the most appropriate department or person best qualified to solve the issue. There is no need for long waiting times or multiple call transfers, which can frustrate customers. 

3. It results in savings of time 

The automated nature of IVR solutions means that it lets small businesses better manage their call volume. Customers can select their preferred option from the short menu quickly, and be paired with the most qualified person.

Some IVR solutions also offer an approximate calculation of the time you would need to wait – this lets customers decide if they want to wait or call back. 

4. It leads to a reduction in costs

The systematic, productive way of handling large volume of calls lets small businesses – especially those swamped by phone calls – optimise operational costs. The faster every customer connects to the right department, the cheaper it turns out for you.

This allows small businesses to channelise the time and human resources on other important things.

5. It ensures a drop in abandonment rate 

A well-developed and advanced IVR system works extremely well for both sides. At the customer end, it allows them to get information or complete simple transactions quickly.

If not done well, this facet can stop someone from completing a transaction and spending on your business. Automation of processes with a robust IVR is the best way to ensure a decline in abandonment rate.

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6. It gives your customers 24X7 access

Setting up an IVR system means that your business is working 24X7. Be it the holiday season, weekend, or any other day, the system can be loaded with pre-recorded messages for cases when a customer calls.

Some IVR systems allow personalisation, helping create better customer relationships. 

This lets the customer know what the problem is and – in case of limited staff availability – directs him or her to call back or receive a call back.

7. It enhances your reputation and status

One of the biggest benefits of adopting IVR solutions for small businesses is that it boosts your company’s reputation.

An IVR system can help create the feeling that your business is bigger than it actually is, and lend the image of greater professionalism as compared to your competitors. It ensures top-class customer service, and helps grow your brand image. 

IVR systems can also be paired with call recording to create a powerful tool that promotes better customer support, ensures quick resolution of disputes, obtains instant feedback from users, and maintains quality control. 

How does the combination do this? The benefits of call recording for small businesses are umpteen. They include: 

  • Zeroing in on problem areas
  • Recovering missed details
  • Keeping comprehensive records
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Providing agents with feedback
  • Ensuring quality assurance
  • Enabling product/ service improvement
  • Resolving agent-client disputes
  • Improving marketing campaigns

Now that you know the benefits of both, IVR and call recording, how can Boost 360 help?

The many available options include: 


This feature lets you create a virtual number for your website to track, record, and analyse customer conversations. The Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) can be reached by customers via your website. This allows you to revisit recorded conversations to ensure every customer gets what they need, evaluate calls, check if your employees resolved queries, and track missed calls. 


This Boost 360 feature enhances business efficiency and is sure to impress your customers. It helps offer the best customer support by giving you a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) that routes your customers to the relevant support person. You can even use it to conduct surveys and collect feedback from your customers. 

Connect with a Boost 360 representative to know more. And watch your small business grow. 

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