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WhatsApp Customer Support is a Game Changer!

by Team Boost 360
WhatsApp Customer Support is a Game Changer!

When we hear the customers complaining “ support number is always not reachable” , “your team never responds to the calls”, “no support after the payment”. Believing WhatsApp would crack all these problems and would be a quick mode of communication as customers expect to connect with the businesses as easily as they do with friends/family.

Since our set of customers are all SMBs and are not available on emails and calls all the time. Every person now has their mobile handy and prefer a quick mode of communication moreover in their regional languages.

When people tweet for help, the conversation is public. So believing WhatsApp would crack this out. Because conversations are personal and private, it means that consumers can ask any kind of sensitive questions, and receive a quick response knowing their comments.

As we come across the Indian customer base, the WhatsApp users have doubled over the past years across any age group. For instance, our 80% of the customers are from the age group of 30- 50 and belong to the active users category of WhatsApp.

Twitter reports to have 241 million active users and WhatsApp has 450 million. Of those, only 46% of users on Twitter return daily but on WhatsApp 70% response rate is expected..You can also engage the customers with photos, voice messages to a comment and also can share explainer videos.

Watch this space for more insights on how we’re using Whatsapp to not just improve customer experience but drive our app usage.

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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