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Own A Retail Business? Here Are 14 Ways To Increase Online Sales

by Team Boost 360
Own A Retail Business? Here Are 14 Ways To Increase Online Sales

Blog Summary

  • Be sure to do the necessary research to find out about the competition.
  • While business operations are important, you should also focus on improving the customer experience. 
  • Boost 360 provides retail business website solutions that help retailers run their businesses more effectively. 

It can be a real challenge for small retail businesses to compete with the larger retailers with better brands and larger budgets especially when they are looking to make a website.

But there’s help at hand. Let’s look at all the different ways in which you can grow your retail business by reaching out to customers through your website.

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1. Find your target audience 

Start by getting a clear picture of the type of customer you wish to target.

Tools like Google Analytics when used in combination with web reports from your Boost 360 app can throw some light on the likes and preferences of your customers.

Knowing more about the online behaviours of your customers can help you target them effectively through channels like SEO and online advertising. 

2. Find out about the competition 

Be sure to do the necessary homework on the competition as well as the intricacies of the market you are in.

That way, you can make better informed decisions about your pricing and offer promotions that will work best for your business.

3. Use social media to your advantage

One of the best strategies to dominate your retail business competition online when making a website from your website maker app is through social media.

More and more people are linking with each other on social media sites, and businesses are starting to offer additional products and services through social media.

Social media is a great place to engage your customers. It makes it easier to direct your company’s activities to them. 

4. Target your marketing efforts

Once you figure out how your retail business works best, it’s time to focus your efforts on creating a marketing strategy that will encourage customers to buy your products.

Communicate your offerings clearly to your customers. Set specific goals to keep them motivated.

5. Conduct customer surveys


See how your customers feel about your retail business brand through surveys you send out. Find out what they love and what they need from you.

You should regularly survey your customers about their happiness with your services and your business.

6. Find your unique selling proposition 

You have a unique selling proposition in your retail business, and that is your unique business offering.

Maintain your brand on the cutting edge by investing in tools and systems that will help you improve your customer experience. 

7. Simplify customer experience 

Most businesses put in a lot of time and energy keeping their businesses running smoothly, and that is important.

But it’s time to focus on what really matters when making a website.

Creating a retail business environment that’s enjoyable for your customers will result in a lot of loyal customers. 

8. Have a simple checkout and return processes

To get customers to your retail business, you need a checkout process built by your website maker app that is simple to use.

You also need a quick and simple return process when making a website. A hassle-free checkout and return process goes a long way in creating a good experience for your customers and getting them to come back to your shop. 

9. Speed up the customer experience

Speed up the customer experience by investing in retail business technologies provided by your website maker app that will help you improve your customer interactions.

Some of the technologies offered by your Boost 360 website builder in this regard include seamless checkout and payment for online purchases, IVR and call tracking, and so on. 

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10. Display your products intelligently 

Since consumers like to support their favourite brands when they are in a convenient retail business venue, making your products easy to find and easy to purchase with a simple click will be a key to your success.

11. Provide relevant information to your customers

Use lots of helpful, relevant information that gives your customers important details about what they’re seeing when they come to your virtual store.

The best way of doing that is through detailed product descriptions which include specifications like size, colour, weight and so on. 

12. Connect with customers through email marketing 

Connect with customers through email marketing

Use email marketing for your retail business to connect with customers to keep them engaged with your business.

You should email your customers regularly with information on relevant products to keep them interested.

Boost 360 enables you to do this through its Newsletter Subscribers feature. 

13. Respond to customer enquiries 

It is key for you to make it easy for your customers to contact you with quick replies when they have questions or concerns about your products.

Boost 360 makes this easy by providing your customers with multiple ways in which they can get in touch with you including phone, email, enquiry widget and WhatsApp. 

14. Show customers how they can use your products

You can show customers how they can buy and use your products by creating videos on social media. Blogs can also be helpful for this purpose.

Product demos will help your customers know more about your products and create a demand for them. It will also go a long way in improving customer experience.

Retail website solutions from Boost 360

Boost 360 provides retail business website solutions that help retailers and retailers-to-be run their businesses more effectively. 

Boost 360 has the tools to help you run your retail business on your own terms. With cost effective and affordable plans starting at Rs 5770 per year (applicable taxes extra), Boost 360 will build your website to grow and evolve your business, making for faster growth.

So build your retail business website with the website maker app experts—Boost 360—today.

Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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