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How you can make the most of Boost 360 to grow your business

by Team Boost 360
How you can make the most of Boost 360 to grow your business

COVID-19 did what no tech company could do for all these years: push small and medium companies worldwide towards digitisation in a bid to survive and thrive. 

Numerous companies are helping SMEs get online and use technology to expand their footprint and grow their business. Boost 360 is one of the foremost among them, with Boost 360 for Retail aiming to be a complete digital solution that can cater to every digital need, from creating a website to online selling. 

How exactly does Boost 360 for Retail set itself apart from the competition in the market? It helps with: 

  • Creating a website 
  • Updating your website 
  • Publishing blogs, photos, and videos 
  • Auto-SEO 
  • Location-based discovery 
  • Live analytics 
  • Customer enquiry widget 
  • WhatsApp messaging
  • Product catalogue 
  • Social media integration 
  • Digital payment gateway

Want to get your retail business online?

Boost 360 for Retail aims to help all small and medium businesses to use the internet to attract more customers, grow their business and beat the competition.

It is available in a range of subscription plans designed keeping in mind the requirements of various types of retail businesses. 

But, just getting online isn’t enough if you don’t make the most of your Boost 360 website.  How can you do this? By following a few best practices that we recommend you make a habit. 

1. Be accurate while setting up your account 

Ensure that all the business details you enter while registering your business on the app for the very first time are accurate and correct.

It is also important to connect your Google My Business account, Facebook and Twitter pages, and WhatsApp Business account to the Boost 360 app to ensure that all your online business components are in sync. 

2. Maintain site health regularly 

Your website health is important to keep your business functioning optimally. It isn’t enough to implement health-check fixes when you launch your online presence and then forget all about it.

The online world keeps evolving and ringing in change and it’s vital that you are at it every step of the way.

Run frequent site health checks on the app to keep your website in good shape and improve your Google ranking.

And don’t forget to follow the recommendations sent through RIA alerts to improve your website. 

3. Manage your website regularly

Your online presence can help you increase customer engagement and loyalty, and it’s important that you use it to your advantage. Publish frequent updates on the website to stay in touch with your customers. Inform them about your products, new launches, offers, and discount campaigns etc. This will not only help you communicate with your customers, but also improve your website’s Google ranking. It’s simple: the more updates you post, the more your ranking will improve. How do you use your website to your benefit? 

  • Publish blogs and videos to promote your products and make the website interesting. 
  • Put up high-quality pictures of your store and products. Boost 360 allows you to publish unlimited images.  
  • Focus on good quality content, which is original, readable, accurate, and useful. 
  • Go through your website periodically to ensure there is consistency in design, be it fonts, headers, images, and more. 
  • Check your business email accounts once every year and delete redundant ones.

Get the full Boost-360 experience with a 15-days free trial

4. Build stronger customer relationships

Only businesses that build and maintain healthy relationships with their customers can thrive and succeed.

Apart from trying to gain new customers, it’s important to retain old ones as they tend to be more loyal and are more likely in buying and new products.

Studies show that focusing on the current customer base can increase profits anywhere between 25-50%. How can you strengthen your bond with your customers?

  • Run periodic offers and discount campaigns to attract customers to your shop and drive sales. Promote your campaigns with updates, blogs, and social media posts. 
  • Be prompt when you receive customer enquiries to improve your business image and encourage customers to buy. Responding to all customer complaints makes your customers feel happy and valued. Take regular feedback from your customers to keep them involved in all aspects of your business.  
  • Improve the efficiency of your customer inquiry system by using Boost 360’s IVR facility and call tracking services.  Make sure you check your own IVR audio message every month to make sure it is working well. 

5. Think your eCommerce and value-added services through 

Time was when only people in the metros and Tier I cities used to buy online. But the pandemic has levelled the playing field and brought customers from everywhere – Tier II, III, IV, and rural India online.

You need to make the most of this growing customer base by creating a detailed product catalogue so customers that they can see your product range and place online orders.

This catalogue must reflect current stock to ensure that you don’t face any glitches when customers place orders. Check orders and work on fulfilling them each day, and ensure that all payments for online orders are received before shutting your shop for the day. 

  • Visit the Add-Ons Marketplace every month to see if there are any new features your website could benefit from. 
  • Visit the Boost 360 website ( every month to see if any new subscription plans suit your business better. 
  • Review the spend on Wildfire (digital advertisements on Google and Facebook) to check if your campaign is meeting expectations. 

6. Invest in performance tracking and research 

It is important to keep an eye on performance metrics to see how your business is doing. For going online without keeping track of your eCommerce metrics is like “driving with your eyes closed” – a recipe for disaster. This makes it vital for small businesses to review digital marketing statistics and ROI on a monthly basis. That’s not all.

It’s also important to keep tabs on websites of the competition to see what your competitors are doing. If something is working well for them, you can try and implement it on your own website also to see if it works for you. 

Across the world, the retail industry – led by grocery and apparel – is the forerunner in increasing digital adoption by consumers. 

Digital transformation, which was a good-to-have till now, has now become a must-have. And Boost 360 can help you make this must-have a part of your business plan.

Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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