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How Corporate Account Manager (CAM) Improves SaaS Customer Retention Rates

by Team Boost 360

We live in a world where everything is now online, if you rewind the world for a mere 10 – 15 years you probably would have guessed ‘Conducting business online’ was not even an option.

The way the internet has taken over the world is probably the greatest phenomenon of the 21st century. I mean look at it ‘someone in one corner of the world can actually do business in a completely different country’. This concept of being able to sell via the internet gave life to another bi-product called SAAS.

Software As A Service, as the term explains a software developed can be consumed and be sold as a service which potentially makes someone’s life easier. Over the years SAAS companies have grown substantially in numbers and have evolved from being solution providers to be completely dependent services.

Corporate account managers (CAM) role in SaaS Company

In this world of SAAS, one of the major functions which shone brightly was account management/customer success. This might bring you to a question, what is an account manager/customer success?. A Corporate Account Manager is a core function to the business, for a CAM to deploy its full potential and benefits, it is crucial that it to be positioned in the organization as a core to the business.

Corporate account managers aren’t a separated business process. It is an intégrative élément of the business technique. Corporate account managers are a vital business approach with the target of guaranteeing long-haul and sustainable business advancement through beneficial associations with the clients.

Most of the SAAS companies believe that almost 90% of the existing business revenue is driven by CAM/CSM which brings us to another important question, what is the CAM/CSM’s objective? Maximizing sales – this improves the utilization of sales resources and understanding the importance and nuances of managing account.

  • Improving the Renewals – Improving the renewals or the dollar value we achieve with each customer while trying to erode price minimization by building a standardised process of managing accounts.
  • Increasing customer loyalty – Improving the customer retention, this will in turn drive overall cost of sales.

Having talked about the synopsis and the end goal a CAM/CSM strives to achieve, any other day they can easily be confused with the customer service or customer support. What makes them different from any other team is their ability to believe and make sure that your success depends on your customer’s success with the product.

A customer success manager always tries to find new business opportunity and as a matter of fact their uniform service and selling options drive the revenue for a subscription based model.

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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