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7 Practices That Can Bring Your Website Close To Your Customers

by Team Boost 360
7 Practices That Can Bring Your Website Close To Your Customers

Having an online-business is no longer an option but a compulsion. Thanks to website maker like, Boost, building an online presence is quick and easy. With features, such as, automatic SEO, geographical cache, and Content Delivery Network (CDN), technology is getting most of the things done. However, there are some important practices that you, as a business owner, must do to drive traffic to your business website.

Whether you are selling homemade cupcakes or operating a large store, doing these 7 things will help you make the right impression online.

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  1. The Power of Social Networks: Thanks to social media networks, you need not go searching for customers. Before your website goes live, create a buzz about it across all social media platforms, so that your customer base is built beforehand. If you have an existing offline store, then spread the word about your online store to the existing customers, which will further penetrate through the age old technique of “word-of-mouth”. Customers may not open your website every day but they will definitely browse their Facebook or Instagram profiles. So, you know where to place your brand.
  2. Attract with Images: The biggest challenge in online business is that the customers cannot touch or feel the product. So, the images you upload on your business website have to sell the product. High quality images create a positive impression on the mind and can get you an edge over your competitors. Click pictures of the product in multiple angles. Always upload multiple images. In case of apparels and electronics, provide a detailed product description.
  3. Give Options for Payment: One of the best ways to prevent bounce rate is by making the payment process clear. Create a hassle free step by step navigation for payments. Also, many buyers prefer the sites that offer multiple payment options, such as, credit card, NEFT, cash on delivery, etc. Also, display the payment options on the homepage.
  4. Nothing can beat Impeccable Customer Service: If you treat your customers right then they will come back for more. Now, how do you provide customer service when they aren’t physically present? In online space, you can treat your customers right by,
    – Providing mail id and 24/7 customer service phone number loud and clear on your home page
    – Answering customer queries promptly and maintaining quick turnaround time for grievances
    – Using automated Chat Bot to answer common customer queries
    – Having a no strings attached return policy, which gives the customers assurance to make their first purchase
  5. Mobile Friendly: One of the reasons people opt for online store is due to its availability 24/7. Be it 2 am in the night or 6 pm in the evening, your online shop is always open for shopping. Consumers find it convenient to browse and buy straight from a smartphone in such odd hours. This consumer behavior makes it necessary to ensure your business website is mobile optimized, making it light and fit for mobile screens.
  6. Giveaways and Contests: Another way to attract customers is by planning contests during peak shopping times, such as, Eid, Diwali, and Christmas. Make sure your offer is visible to your customers, advertise it across your social media platforms, put up a banner on your homepage, and include it in your weekly newsletters. You can also plan some giveaways.
  7. Reward your Loyal Customers: Customers who have been with you from the start of your business are precious assets. So, it is justified that they would expect some reward for their loyalty. Create a reward points system to encourage them to buy more. Send out newsletters with offers.

Your online store has much to offer. All you need to do is make use of the best technology, and put these 7 practices in place.

NowFloats can be your partner in this effort. Boost, the complete online-business management suite, from NowFloats is a single platform you need to handle all aspects of your online-business. We not just enable you setup your online-business, but also help you manage and grow it.

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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