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6 reasons why a small business needs a website

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6 reasons why a small business needs a website

It won’t be wrong to say that in today’s time, if your business is not digital, you are not growing. The most basic requirement to make that happen is to ensure your business has an effective business website. Here are 6 reasons why you should get one today!

1. A website gives your business credibility

A good business website always gives credibility to a business. If someone suggested to me that ‘x’ boutique is a great place to buy handmade sarees, the first thing I would do is search for it on the internet.

study reveals that 30% of the consumers will not deal with a business without a website, and 64% of consumers use a website to interact with the business. A business website creates an identity and gives credibility to a business online.

2. With the right website, your business is never closed

Business has working hours, not a business website. Your website can be active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

A business website works as your reception desk that disseminates information, as service desk by accepting queries and answering FAQs, and the best part, it acts as your salesperson by selling your goods online. A good business website gives you 24/7 business, which a store cannot.

3. A website helps your business to reach out to a bigger audience

According to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there are about 50 crore internet users in the country and many of them are your prospective customers. So, if they search for you online, they should be able to find you, connect with you, and do business.

A survey by RedShift research shows 63% of small businesses who own a website witnessed growth after launching websites. And one-third of them recorded growth over 10 percent.

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4. Marketing made easy!

A good website is an asset to any business, it opens up an effective marketing channel. Being visible is the key to success in the digital world, websites help in lead generation and data collection. Having a good website will help in online sales and encourage customers to visit your stores. A website is where your customers land through your advertising and marketing.

5. You own your story

You can educate your clients about your brand, products, and services. This can be also put together as – you control what you are saying. Your content reflects your business mission, personality and the values you believe in.

The strength of your content transforms your visitors into customers and clients. Hosting blogs and other forms of content is a great way to interact with clients and gives you more exposure online, these interactive means build communication between a business and its customers.

When you own a business website you can tell your own story and you own the narrative.

6. Good website helps you beat your Goliath

A website is a powerful tool. Heard about the David and Goliath story? Yes, that powerful. A SEO enabled website will help you in your search rankings. This results in being more visible and selling more, even more than your local competition.

Now, when you are convinced you need a business website, wouldn’t it be great if you can get it built specifically for your business category, with automated search engine optimization, social media sharing, and much more, just now!

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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