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Restaurants to get a BOOST of their own

by Team Boost 360
Restaurants to get a BOOST of their own

If you have ever been to Amritsar(The City of the Golden Temple) you must have heard of Kesar Da Dhaba!
They have enough media coverage to pull them through without a website.
A legacy of a 102 years, and a clientele that boasted of the Who’s Who of all times. Yet when given the option of hosting an online platform, they came onboard with NowFloats.
Why every small Take Away needs a ‘Boost’ of its own ? — Read on to know more.

First of all — The legacy brand in Amritsar — Kesar Da Dhaba is a NowFloats client, don’t believe us? Watch this video. That said, we just launched our restaurant vertical — Boost for Restaurants.

Why? Every nook and corner has that one Dhaba, that is known for a delicacy. Or it could be food truck that has the best of dumplings, or waffles that have people lining up for them at 12:00 AM. Kesar Da Dhaba has

Can they do better business? They can definitely get more traction if a tourist is locally searching for ‘authentic sushi’ or if a late night traveller suddenly has the urge to for tandoori chicken and finds them ranking on a key word.

Get your restaurant online in just few minutes!

The Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Market Size-

Google doesn’t enlist a Gulshan ka Dhaba, on the GT Karnal road.
Yet, those who have been there would swear by the daal makhani. What if their loyal customers reviewed them online? Online reviews make a lot of difference to a business. National Highways are hotbeds of hot delectable food but most eateries don’t even exist on highways.

They are sporadic. Even if the 8 major tier one cities are taken out of the picture, 56 % of the Indian market’s F&B revenue is lying within their reach.

Indian Food Services market in India (organized and unorganized) is estimated at INR 3,37,500 crore in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next 5 years to reach INR 5,52,000 crore by 2022.

Two mega metros, Mumbai and Delhi NCR contribute to 22% of the overall Food Services market (11% each) followed by six mini metros (Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata)comprising of 20% share in the Food Services market.
FICCI, Foodzania — 2017

Resto analysis

The challenge of being discovered amongst others

While enlisting on a platform is easy, but an expansive list is still not available on any platform.
The most we came across was Ixigo — 2663 Dhabas enlisted so far.(Good job guys!)

It’s not easy being recognized in a nation that loves its food diverse and options unlimited. Here’s a customer profile from our own archives, a young entrepreneur who despite having a legacy of 30 years in F&B had to create her own niche when she opened her first outlet. “ It’s a budding baby, right now.” she says.

Hence the need to be online and build a brand from scratch. The challenges are not very different for a cafe in Indore or a Fauji Dhaba on NH8, the customer base could be but we know how Boost with its Auto SEO takes care of the local searches and discovery.

The good news is that Quick Service Restaurants have quite a share in the market but to make sure that a business has a fighting chance — an online presence is mandatory.

Resto stats

Why will adopting the Boost product be a good idea for businesses?

Let’s do a quick recap of the ‘Boost for Restaurant’s’ features –

Restaurant theme recap
  • Menu — Diners rely extensively on the menus when deciding on where to eat or what to order, and to know how much it might cost them. Restaurants can launch competitive pricing online. We have just introduced the revenue manager for hotels. (This may or may not happen for restaurants but well the boost keyboard is always the best option, to manage discounts real time and it comes as free feature in the Boost App!)
  • Book a Table — Customer’s can book a restaurant table online with NowFloats restauranteur. Table booking is quick and easy to use, saves you time and earns more money for your restaurant.
  • Order Now — The easiest way to look for the best food that can be ordered online and delivered to the customer’s doorstep with cash on delivery and takeaway options.
  • Other prominent features of the product are: #Cover Image #Opening Hours #Our Menu #Guest Reviews #Book a Table #Order Now(Online payment & Cash on delivery) #Latest Updates #LocateUs

We haven’t started with logistics yet. So any questions around delivery are for later. We are sure once we port the smart businessmen online they will solve this problem themselves. We take care of discovery, better customer management and tracking ROI. We trust the NowFloats merchant will deliver with Boost ;)!

Note: Posted on on July 16, 2018

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