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Does Your Cloud Kitchen Business Need an Exclusive App?

by Team Boost 360

Cloud kitchens, also known as virtual kitchens or ghost kitchens, are a growing trend in the food industry. These businesses operate without a physical storefront, delivering food exclusively through online orders. With the rise of digital technology, cloud kitchens have become a popular option for restaurants and entrepreneurs to start a food business with low overhead costs. But the question remains: Does your cloud kitchen business need an exclusive app?

Before we dive into the pros and cons of having an exclusive app for your cloud kitchen business, let’s first understand what a cloud kitchen is and how it operates.

What is a cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is a virtual kitchen that operates solely through online orders. These kitchens don’t have a physical storefront and rely on delivery services to get the food to customers. Cloud kitchens are a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs and restaurant owners to start a food business without the high costs associated with opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

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Advantages Of Having An Exclusive App

  • Increased brand recognition: An exclusive app for your cloud kitchen can help build your brand and increase recognition. With your logo and branding on the app, customers will be more likely to remember and order from your cloud kitchen.
  • Direct communication with customers: An exclusive app allows you to communicate directly with your customers. You can send push notifications, offer promotions, and update customers on new menu items. This direct communication can help build customer loyalty and increase repeat orders.
  • Better customer experience: An exclusive app can offer a better customer experience compared to third-party delivery apps. You have more control over the ordering process, delivery time, and quality of food. This can result in happier customers and better reviews.
  • Increased revenue: An exclusive app can increase revenue by reducing fees associated with third-party delivery apps. These fees can range from 10% to 30% of the order total. With an exclusive app, you can eliminate or reduce these fees, resulting in higher profit margins
  • Ability to upsell and cross-sell: An exclusive app can allow you to upsell and cross-sell to customers. You can offer add-ons like drinks, desserts, or sides, and suggest complementary items to customers based on their order history. This can help increase the average order value and drive revenue growth.
  • Greater control over the customer journey: An exclusive app gives you greater control over the customer journey, from ordering to delivery. You can ensure that your brand is represented consistently throughout the process, and that the quality of the food and service meets your standards. This level of control can help build trust with customers and increase loyalty to your brand.

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If you’re a large cloud kitchen business or want to scale up by attracting more customers, developing an exclusive app may be a smart move. A dedicated app can help build your brand, increase customer loyalty, and reduce fees associated with third-party delivery apps. 

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