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India Always Wins Before The Match Starts- And Here’s What We Can Learn From It

by Team Boost 360
India Always Wins Before The Match Starts- And Here’s What We Can Learn From It

Rohit Sharma is the batsman of World Cup 2019. You don’t doubt that. With two more matches to play, he has scored 5 centuries. Even though this is a record-breaking performance, Virat Kohli says that he’s looking forward to seeing Sharma score another two centuries.

How’s that even possible? It’s because the Indian captain can see (like the rest of us) that Rohit Sharma’s unparalleled focus and consistency can make him add another 200 runs to his total score.

In the World Cup 2019 semi-finals, India is against New Zealand. After three back to back wins, we’re on top of the points table. The team is confident. Still, Virat Kohli is rooting for Rohit Sharma to score his next century.

Even masters of the game actively look at bridging their gaps. They are always in the presence of their room for improvement.

On the other hand, New Zealand’s Kane Williamson is not sure how to get Rohit Sharma out of the game. And he knows that it is crucial to get his wicket so that New Zealand can win this match. This New Zealand team has played better matches in the past, and the world can see how hard they’re working to win. On the outset, they qualify to be “underdogs”, and you know what? Everyone supports the underdogs.

Now, a good question to ask is, hum match se pehle itna analysis kyun karte hain? Isn’t it simple to just enjoy the match and celebrate the victory?

Outside the realm of cricket, India is still playing to win on every single front. One of the biggest challenges we have taken on as a country is to bring a digital revolution to each and every person. A large portion of this is transforming over 55 million small and medium businesses. At NowFloats, we call this the #DigitalDangal. Hundreds of sales consultants all over the country open up a brand new way for businesses to operate online. This match is about getting small businesses to win big in a crowded market like India.

This is what makes us win against all odds.

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Yeshwanth’s Power Play in Bangalore!

Here’s an update from the team Earning Eagles Bengaluru. On 8th July, 2019, Yeshwanth from Bangalore’s Malleshwaram branch enabled a dentist on Sarjapur Road to take his clinic online with Boost 360. He did this in just after one meeting. This might seem like scoring a sixer on the very first ball, but this is what went into that shot :

The distance between Malleshwaram and Sarjapur Road is 25 kms. And if traffic is kind, Yeshwanth can cover that in 90 minutes. This is not a simple thing to do and he cannot afford to meet the customer over and over again.

Yeshwanth’s power play involves providing customer service right from the first minute of their meeting. He is very clear that he will have the customer experience the full benefits of Boost 360.

The first meeting lasts about 60 minutes. In this time, Yeshwanth fully understands the customer’s life and the nature of their business- what do they do, what are their pain points, do they have an alternative source of income, etc. This helps Yeshwanth demonstrate the Boost 360 product in ways that are very specific to the customer.

In turn, the customer experiences a safe space and feels comfortable enough to tell Yeshwanth all that they are dealing with- this may include details about what challenges they’re facing in expanding their business, what products they trust, what services they use, and even if they’re facing a cash crunch.

Yeshwanth then sets up the customer’s business website in front of them and establishes credibility for himself and NowFloats by fully demonstrating the product. He answers each and every question that the customer has, without leaving out any details.

Relating the product to specific challenges that the customer faces is how Yeshwanth changes the game in selling Boost 360.

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You can always trust Devi Singh

Devi Singh Borana from the team Rajasthan Halla Bol started his week with a big win. All the way up north in Udaipur, Devi Singh met with a potential customer who immediately purchased a Boost Lite. What made this possible?

Devi Singh’s credibility is built on a solid foundation of good customer relationships. Every time a potential customer has a question or a concern, he knows a customer who can have a conversation with them and vouch for the product.

Yesterday was no different. As Devi Singh was having a conversation with a business owner who manufactures plastic products, there was another manufacturer in the neighbourhood (who is also a satisfied NowFloats customer) who dropped by and vouched for the product.

Another way of looking at this instant win is through the lens of community building. While there are competing businesses in the market, the people who run them seek a sense of belonging. Ask your local BNI chapter. Besides, NowFloats is a product that allows all business to thrive (even if they’re right next to each other in the same market) because what makes NowFloats unique is that your customers find you only when they look for you and you control what people see by what updates you post. 

When a satisfied customer vouches for NowFloats, it doesn’t just make the product credible. A new customer gets to see what is available for them in digitizing their business that was previously “impossible”. And that is the magic of real digital transformation –  new things become possible for hardworking Indian entrepreneurs and their creative ways of using viagra the NowFloats product is what will make them (and us) win.

We are learning new things about selling SaaS in India with every deal we close and each one we fail to. It has been an exciting and rewarding journey, and we are getting better at it every day. Over to you, what challenges do you face selling SaaS in India? How do you address them? Let us know in the comments below.

Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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