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by Team Boost 360
Boost Karo

A business is all about the customer. Your customers are looking for products and services they want. As a business, if you can provide these products and services, your customers should be able to reach you, easily.

In fact that is business, isn’t it? In different times, there have been different ways a business could do that. In present time, when most of your prospective customers have a smartphone in their hand, you can’t afford to be not present online.

Boost, the complete online-business management suite, from NowFloats is a single platform you need to handle all aspects of your business, online. It enables you to,

  • Setup your online-business
  • Manage your online-business
  • Grow your online-business

Get your business online in just few minutes!

Setup your online-business

Business website

With Boost, you create a business website with 360° presence across multiple channels, that enables your customers to discover you & interact with your brand, directly.

You can be online, but still keep a strong brand identify and direct connect with your customers, as you do in your offline store.

Integrated payment gateway

Boost enables your customers to transact directly on your website with Assured Purchase. With Assured Purchase, you get a default payment gateway, along with a reliable logistics and delivery partner.

Wholesome Facebook presence

Facebook might be loosing market share, but it is still the leading social network, where many of your customers spend a lot of time. Boost can help you drive business on Facebook. With Boost, you can create and manage your Facebook business page and shop.

Google My Business profile

Google My Business listing helps Google produce quick and relevant content about your business when customers are searching. With Boost, you can integrate your site with your GMB profile, making Google know you better so that it can display you better.

Twitter profile

Twitter had about 336 million monthly active users in first quarter of 2018, with 30 million from India. Many of these are your prospective customers. With Boost, you can connect your website with your Twitter profile, so that you can engage these customers.

Manage your online-business

“The secret of a high-ranking website is not its colors but its content.”

Manage content

The content you post on your business website is key to optimize and amplify the discovery of your online-business. We believe you know your business the best. So, we give complete control of your website content to you. With Boost, you can publish your business profile, post latest business updates and offers, and upload and share multimedia content, about your product and services. And, you can do all this anytime, from anywhere, via the Boost Android or iPhone mobile app, or web.

Manage customer interactions

Today, when it comes to sharing latest offers and product catalog with your customers online, you might be doing it mostly via chat or email. Wouldn’t it be great if this could be done quickly, easily, and even when you are busy doing your business. With Boost Keyboard, which comes as part of the Boost mobile app, all your business content is available directly at your smartphone keyboard! You can send product updates and offerings to anyone, just with a click of a button.

Manage ROI

As a business owner, it is critical you monitor your business, whether it is your offline store or online presence. For online-business, you should understand who is reaching out to you, how many of them are reaching out to you, what are they looking for, can you offering address that, etc. With Boost, you can manage this by checking details about visitors, visits, inquiries, calls, social media interactions, etc., in real-time. You get instant notifications on the app and weekly performance report via email and SMS, enabling you to be connected with whats happening even when you are not connected to internet.

To know more about why and what you should track to receive the maximum returns from your online-business, and how Boost analytics can help, check

Manage multiple online channels

Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are just few channels available to you for your online-business. Boost, is not just another such channel. It is a single platform for your complete online-business. With Boost, you can publish updates at the same time on your business website, Facebook page, Facebook shop, Twitter profile and Google My Business profile. This saves you effort, time, and ensure that all your online-business channels are in-sync and up-to-date.

Build customer loyalty

“Make a customer, not a sale.”

As a business owner you will understand how important it is to have loyal customers, and I am sure you know how difficult it is to make them loyal. A critical aspect of this process is to engage your customers and maintain a connect with them. With Boost, you can notify your customer about your latest business updates, products, and offers. Do this regularly should enable you to convert these customers into repeat customers and build loyalty.

Here's how Boost 360 helps you grow your business!

Grow your online-business


You focus on content and Boost takes care of the SEO!

Your Boost business website helps you get new customers, organically. It understands the meaning of the content you post on your business website and automatically adds new pages for each post. These pages are optimized for search engines and attract relevant organic search traffic to your business website.

Calls, inquiries, and orders

Your business website, updated regularly with relevant content, and synced with your other online channels, best enables you to get more business inquiries, calls, and customers.

Growth across multiple online channels

Boost enables you to monitor your multiple online channels from a single dashboard. The more quality and relevant content you post on your business website, the more your business grows online.

Account Manager for your business

We understand that every business is unique and at times you need guidance, to help you formulate the right growth strategy for your online-business. With Boost, all our customers get the services of a dedicated online account manager. In most cities, we also provide a local account manager for in-person guidance. They train you about the product and engage with you regularly.

Your online account manager is available to attend your requests across multiple channels, such as, email, call, and chat. Your local account manager is expected to meet and train you, in-person, regularly through regular scheduled meetings. You can always connect with them from Boost app or web.


So, if you have not got Boost yet, it is time to get it now, and,

  1. Setup your online-business
  2. Manage your online-business
  3. Grow your online-business

Download the Boost app and experience it FREE!

Also, preview our solutions for specific industry verticals,

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Note: This blog was originally posted on on July 23, 2018
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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