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5 good reasons to enhance your business website

by Team Boost 360
5 good reasons to enhance your business website

Small and medium businesses (SMB) contribute 45 percent of India’s GDP, which is nearly three times that of what corporate India contributes. This is in spite of the challenges SMB face. NowFloats helps them address a critical challenge of getting an online presence, and enables them to setup, manage, and grow their online-business.

Through our Boost solution, you get a complete online-business management suite, which covers all the basics of an auto-SEO based website, and much much more. But, as the business evolves, so do the requirements and needs.

Your business website should be able to address and reflect that, as and when they require. So, to enable all our customers to enhance their existing Boost business website further, on the go, we offer Premium Add-Ons. These add-ons are business relevant services, tools, and apps that you can add to your existing business website, from within the Boost portal.

Just buy (some are free too) and apply. They work on a plug and play model, giving you the ease to install and uninstall them any time.

Get your business online in just few minutes!

Still having doubts why your business website needs add- ons? Here are a few good reasons,

1. An edge over the competitors: For your website to stand out from the crowd, you must have some power in your corner. For example, if visitors could easily find what they are looking for on your website or quickly get answers to their questions, it is a sure shot technique to win their confidence. With evolving customer needs, people now prefer to get in touch with businesses by means of chat messages (Facebook IQ study). Thanks to SAM Chatbot, a Premium Add-on, all customer queries can be addressed and answered 24/7, in an interactive manner. This smart-bot can also generate leads and capture customer details.

2. Impeccable customer service: Your offline business might close for the night, but your business website is available 24/7. So, customers might call you at odd times and you won’t want to miss them. Having an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will help you manage customer calls round the clock. Also, it can give you valuable analytics about your customers. So, why search for an IVR solution anywhere else. It is available through Premium Add-ons and can be put into action at the earliest. Based on the business requirements, we offer three separate Premium Add-ons for IVR, which you can buy and use depending on your need.

  • Missed Call IVR: This is ideal for small and medium businesses, where a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) of the business is shared with the customers to which they can give a missed call. The system captures the number of the customer, to which you can get back at your convenient time.
  • Call Router IVR: Does your VMN number receive overwhelming calls? Then you cannot risk having your customers hear the busy tone over and over again. Our Call Router IVR add-on is here to keep your callers engaged when your executives are busy and then route the call to the first available executive.
  • Virtual Receptionist IVR: If you are looking for a way to automatically divert your customer calls to the respective functions then this IVR is for you. For example, a common VMN number can be given for sales, customer query, payment, and refund. When your customer calls, based on their query they can choose the required option and the call can be routed to the respective function.

3. Run marketing campaigns: Premium Add-ons now enable you to run full-scale marketing activities with a click of a button from within your Boost portal. This also saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple third-party service providers or apps. Some of the common add-ons that can help you with this are,

  • SMS Market and Email Market: SMS and emails are two common marketing channels that you might have used earlier. Be it festive offers or a regular newsletter these two channels will give you assured targeting. Now, you need not go to any third party providers to run an SMS or email marketing campaign. Both services are available as separate add-ons and can be implemented on a click through your Boost portal.
  • Event Planner: You can use this add-on to create, manage, and sync your events online via Google calendar and publish the calendar on your NowFloats business website.
  • TrustCheckr: Your chatbot could be generating huge amounts of leads, but all the leads might not be legitimate. You need not waste time filtering out the data, just use the TrustCheckr Premium Add-on, to know more about the customer based on their phone number or email address. You can be sure of people you are contacting and identifying the right target segment.

4. Vertical specific enhancements: In addition to the basic Boost solution that fits all the needs of an SMB to get an effective online presence, NowFloats offers solutions for specific business verticals, such as hotels, restaurants, manufacturers, doctors, etc. To complement these vertical specific websites, we have vertical-specific Premium Add-ons. At present, there are a couple of them that are specifically for doctors. These are,

  • BMI Calculator: Once added, the visitors to the doctors’ website can use it to calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI). They need to just enter their height, weight, and know their BMI with a click. It can be a useful tool to attract visitors to the website, and it is available free for the doctor to add.
  • Navia Life Care: Navia, our partner vendor, provides a patient engagement solution that helps in improving patient retention and doctor’s practice. It acts as an interface between doctors existing systems and patients, making it easier for doctors to improve patient care. From the Boost portal, doctors can buy and subscribe to this solution, and make the features available through their website and Navia apps.

5. Theme upgrades: We kept the best for the last. As shared earlier, we have industry and vertical-specific solutions. So, if you start with a default Boost business website, you can upgrade to a vertical-specific website, when ready. You can do this by using the Theme Upgrades add-ons. You can transform your website with just a click, and there is no restriction on the number of themes and times you can interchange. The fee for each theme is calculated on a prorated basis, depending on your current balance subscription period. So, it is an efficient way to move your online business to the next level.

These are some of the Premium Add-ons that are available at the moment. We are working closely to make more relevant and useful add-ons available to you on an ongoing basis.

So, enhance the functionality and experience of your NowFloats business website. Go to your Boost portal, use NowFloats points to buy add-ons, and implement them with a click of a button.

For any queries, contact your NowFloats consultant.

If you still do not have a NowFloats business website, get one now. To know more about the features of a standard Boost website, such as auto-SEO, social sharing, call tracker, business inquiries, etc., click here.

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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