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5 Top Benefits Of Having An Ecommerce Website Help In D2C Marketing

by Team Boost 360
5 Top Benefits Of Having An Ecommerce Website Help In D2C Marketing

Blog Summary 

  • Having a D2C e-commerce website brings unique benefits for a manufacturer.
  • From improved sales to enhanced information gathering, a D2C model can be a valuable addition to your business. 
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If you are a small-scale manufacturer or producer looking to boost and transform your business, you need the right e-commerce website that enables you with D2C marketing.

If you’ve heard the term D2C marketing but are unsure how you can benefit from it, let’s look at what you need to know about it.

Understanding D2C marketing: Direct-To-Consumer business model

Having a D2C e-commerce website brings unique benefits for a manufacturer or producer.

Until recently, you had to rely on mediators such as distributors or intermediaries to get your product out there for customers to buy. 

Today, however, with the right e-commerce website, D2C marketing has never been easier or more accessible. D2C or direct-to-consumer marketing offers you five invaluable benefits. They are:

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1. Improved sales

Your e-commerce website enables you to sell directly to your customers, making it the single most significant benefit of D2C marketing.

In addition, having a D2C e-commerce website gives you the ability to make more revenue without relying on distributors, middlemen or resellers. 

So while you may already be selling to other businesses through other platforms, having your own e-commerce website can enable you to cross-sell and upsell to other business partners and customers. 

With more significant sales opportunities provided by your D2C marketing e-commerce website, you can benefit from the best of both worlds and focus on boosting profitability and increasing your business.

2. Enhanced brand awareness

An essential benefits of having your own e-commerce website is the complete control you receive as a producer or a manufacturer over your sales and D2C marketing activities.

Traditional retailers had to rely on third parties to promote their products in the past. 

Today, with a D2C e-commerce website strategy, you get complete control over how you need to steer your company’s brand awareness.

It allows you to get directly involved in where and how you wish to market your products and be in direct contact with your customers. 

In addition, having the right e-commerce website will enable your customers to purchase directly from you.

This translates into an improved brand and the overall control of boosting customer experience from their research to purchase.

3. Gather targeted information

Your D2C marketing e-commerce website business model will give you precise information at every step of the sales cycle.

More specifically, you get to know what takes place in each stage, from manufacturing to sales.

As part of your D2C marketing strategy, your e-commerce website will allow you to gain a tremendous amount of detailed information about your customers. 

Specific tools such as Google Analytics and others that are integrated into your e-commerce website platform show you how your customers interact with your retail brand compared to third-party platforms or marketplaces.

4. Test new products and services

Test new products and services

In the past, manufacturers and producers were eager to launch new products or services but did not receive enough data on what your customers required.

But today, with your D2C e-commerce website, you can obtain relevant, real-time and accurate information regarding your customers from your very own e-commerce website store. 

Through this rich information, you can analyse and decide how to launch new products or services without having to proceed on guesswork.

In addition, you can rely on the numbers you receive from your e-commerce web store without relying on third-party data.

You can also choose to engage your customers directly through surveys and email communication to understand their needs.

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5. Offer multichannel experience

Until recently, being a manufacturer was only about creating new products.

Today, however, with the D2C e-commerce business model, you have complete control over all your activities from manufacturing or producing to packaging, marketing and sales. 

Having complete control gives you the opportunity of creating a multichannel or omnichannel experience for your customers.

For instance, you can choose to sell through third-party resellers, platforms, or marketplaces as well as use your B2C e-commerce web store, D2C marketing initiatives and sales strategies. 

In addition, having complete control over how you can market your products will give you a unique multichannel experience that will help shape how customers view your business and products to benefit both you and your customers.

The importance of e-commerce website design 

When making an online shopping store, you want to make sure that your e-commerce website represents your business and what you do.

Hence, you need to ensure that your website makes an impression on your customers, which also becomes a lasting one. 

When developing your online store, the main element is an e-commerce website design that must be simple, elegant, and convert your customers with satisfaction. Importantly, your website must reflect your uniqueness.

Your e-commerce website design must reflect your customised and unique selling proposition that will protect you from competitors.

Importantly, when setting out to build an excellent e-commerce design, remember to keep your user experience in mind.

The focus of your e-commerce design must be to engage with your customers as clearly and simply as possible.

Get the right online solution

Online Website BuilderThe D2C e-commerce business model is here to stay for manufacturers and producers to benefit from it.

But, you need the right website builder who provides you with professional e-commerce website design and technology all in one place. 

A critical way of positioning your online store for growth is through intuitive e-commerce website design that customers love and want to revisit.

Hence, having an e-commerce website is not enough. You need to build a beautiful and high-performing online store with customised and inbuilt features set in the website design. 

Look to the experts—Boost360, to construct a mobile responsive, customised online store with user-friendly site navigation and more.

After all, you need to provide a compelling user experience which can only be done through a well-thought out e-commerce website design.

So get ready to build, manage and scale your online business the way you want with Boost 360 today.

Use Boost 360 to build a website for manufacturingbusinesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for manufacturing businesses in just few minutes

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