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Drive more Direct, Commission-Free Bookings to your Hotel!

by Team Boost 360
Drive more Direct, Commission-Free Bookings to your Hotel!

Most of the online hotel room sales happening through OTA or any hotel aggregator platforms. It’s because of hoteliers not able to crack the online discovery like aggregators. Build your own website to generate better traffic and increase revenue.

Build your Hotel Brand through direct website booking

Google discovery based on frequent update on the website, most of the hoteliers don’t do this because they are depending on their website designer to update the content. Google always require latest content to show on their platform.

Consumers invest lots of time on the content before they book hotel rooms online, like reading reviews, places nearby, quality of the room pictures, amenities, offers etc., if the website has got good content higher chances of Look to book conversions on direct bookings.

When any customer looking for hotel rooms near your locations, cities or with amenities your direct website should be part of the search result.

Get your hotel business online in just few minutes!

Build your Brand through Direct Bookings

Google knows that consumers trust brands. Its always gives priority on Direct branding website instead of aggregator websites.

Consumers invest a lot of time to read reviews, check social media pages of hotels, local attractions, and Room quality pictures. When they Google your city or your hotel name – your website should be part of the search result. Look at the image below – it shows how a hotel’s direct website is showcased on the first page of Google search for ‘best business class hotel in Udaipur”

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Advantages on Hotel direct bookings:

  • No paying high commission on OTAs
  • You control what goes on your site (photos, videos, prices)
  • Instead of paying commission, you can pass on some percentage as discounts for direct bookings

These are just a few ways to build your hotel brand and it won’t cost you much at all. Regular content update on your website will get more traffic, with the good competitive rates hotel website will start getting good conversion on their websites.

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