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5 Ways To Expand Your Homestay Business By Going Online

by Team Boost 360
5 Ways To Expand Your Homestay Business By Going Online

Blog Summary

  • Setting up your homestay business website will let vacationers and travellers know about your rental business online.
  • Working with the right website builder provides you with an easy setup to create your own hotel websites for your homestay business. It will also allow you to manage your website from anywhere and at any time.
  • Branding your homestay business can bring you high bookings, but it can only be possible if you have the right website builder to market your homestay and boost revenue.

If you’re looking to showcase your homestay business online but do not have the skills or the time to get started, let Boost 360 make it happen for you. 

The trend of homestay business and vacation rentals have become a profitable trend in the travel industry.

If you have a wonderful homestay business that you want to rent out to travellers and vacationers, setting up your online hotel business is the best way to do it. 

Get your homestay business online in just few minutes!

Let’s look at 5 ways to boost your homestay business by going online with the right website builder.

1. A Suitable Ready-Made Templates

An expert website builder will give you a readymade template that has an appealing web design especially created to help homestay businesses.

Additionally, it should provide you with latest features such as showcasing your rooms, allowing bookings and collecting online payments.

All this, without the added cost of expensive web designers and backend developers. 

2. Adding Payment Gateway Options To Facilitate Easy Payment

 In addition to the inbuilt catalogue that an expert website developer offers you, ensure that your hotel websites receive an inbuilt payment gateway that provides popular payment options, including mobile wallets, net banking, credit card, UPI, and debit card payments.

What’s more, when incorporating a booking and payment solution, you must also be able to access features such as:

  • Managing your reservations and easily keeping track of online reservations.
  • Accepting payments and getting paid 100% of your earnings.
  • Creating flexible payment options.
  • Taking bookings from any device, be it a smart phone, laptop or a computer.

3. Making The Best Of Relevant Pages

The primary goal of setting up your homestay business or hotel business website through an expert development builder is to ensure you get reservations. 

Making The Best Of Relevant Pages
However, the right app developer or website builder must also provide a seamless experience to ensure it appeals to potential customers when building your hotel websites.

Hence, your homestay business website must provide the suitable knowledge of what you are offering in your hotel. You can do this by:

  • Choosing the proper homepage that becomes the face of your homestay business website.
  • Creating and setting up a hero photo of your hotel websites that captures what your homestay business is all about.
  • Describing your homestay business and letting your visitors know what they will enjoy in your hotel business.
  • Developing an About Us page that shows how your homestay business is different from other accommodations.
  • Including an FAQ page that gives important answers to questions that your customers may have when browsing your homestay business website.
  • Sharing your hotel websites reviews, such as TripAdvisor reviews, and providing customers with an option to view what other vacationers have to stay about your hotel business website.
  • Adding important and relevant contact information in the Contact Page, including email, phone numbers, physical location, social media accounts etc.

4. Branding Your Homestay Business Correctly

 In addition to setting up an easy website, the right website builder must also offer you branding assets.

For instance, you should also receive customer engagement and powerful digital tools that will help in attracting customers and increasing room bookings.

Boost 360: The best way to get your homestay business online

5. Boosting Sales And Filling Up Your Hotel Business

The right website builder must allow you to develop your own homestay business website in minutes and bid goodbye to expensive updates and hosting fees. 

Having a website builder expert who provides you with a specialised accommodation or hotel business website that works smoothly and continuously with the rest of your systems is a must. 

If you’re looking to showcase your homestay business online but do not have the skills or the time to get started, let Boost 360 make it happen for you. From helping you create your perfect website in no time, you can also benefit from:

  • Modern responsive inbuilt catalogue designs
  • Easily customised templates with your homestay businesses branding, colours and logos.
  • Real-time analytics and robust mobile and web app.
  • E-commerce options from room listing, room booking engine, connecting and syncing the inventory with OTAs, etc.
  • Content management including places to look around, business updates, image galleries and custom pages.
  • Marketing and engagement features such as social media marketing, business keyboard, newsletter and more

Be Mobile Ready With Boost 360

Boost 360 offers you various pricing plans to develop an optimised homestay business website with an enhanced booking experience for your customers.

Be Mobile Ready With Boost 360Starting from the hotel Basic Plan at ₹6749/Year (excluding taxes), to the Hotel Classic Plan at ₹17510/Year (excluding taxes) or even the Hotel Advanced Plan of ₹43035/Year (excluding taxes), allow Boost 360 to give you all the characteristics you need to reach out to more customers.

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