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5 Features Every Hotel Website Should Have

by Team Boost 360
5 Features Every Hotel Website Should Have

Hotels have become increasingly reliant on their websites to attract and retain guests.

The modern-day traveller often researches and books their stay through a hotel’s website, making it critical for hotels to have an effective and user-friendly website.

Here are the 5 essential features that every hotel website should have:

1. Responsive design

A responsive design is crucial for a hotel website as it adjusts to any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

This allows guests to access the website and make bookings from any device, increasing the likelihood of a successful booking.

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2. Clear booking system

The booking system should be easy to use and allow guests to make reservations quickly and easily. This includes the ability to select dates, room type, and any additional services or amenities.

3. High-quality photos and videos

Guests want to get a feel for the hotel before making a reservation, so it’s essential to have high-quality photos and videos that showcase the property and its rooms.

These should be clear, well-lit, and provide a true representation of what guests can expect.

4. Information about the location

The website should provide detailed information about the hotel’s location, including nearby attractions, transportation options, and local weather. This helps guests plan their trip and make the most of their stay.

5. Customer reviews

Customer reviews are a powerful tool for hotels, and they should be prominently displayed on the website.

This allows potential guests to read about the experiences of previous guests, which can greatly influence their decision to book.

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In conclusion, a hotel’s website is a critical tool for attracting and retaining guests. By having the five essential features outlined above, hotels can ensure that their website is user-friendly, informative, and helps to drive bookings.

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