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Why your clinic needs a website to ensure a healthy business

by Team Boost 360
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Once upon a time, a person in need of medical advice or attention would seek recommendations from a trusted family member or friend. Now, people search online for information when looking for treatment options or to learn more about their health concerns or care providers.

COVID-19 has led to the digital growth of every business at a fast rate. Telemedicine, online consultations, health apps…these have replaced the neighbourhood doctor in many cases.  

As Tier II, III, and IV India get online, it is important for clinics and small hospitals to get online and grow their business. 

We offer 9 reasons why your clinic needs a website:

1. It helps build credibility

In today’s digital era, where everyone’s on their phone almost 24/7, the first reaction to a new name is “Google it”. 

Your website can offer information about your skills, services, treatments, and more – boosting your credibility and leading to word of mouth. 

2. It makes you available 24/7 

An online presence means that patients in need will be able to find you anytime and anywhere. A website can ensure that you serve your patients and secure new ones – and all of them can get the information they need at home or work, at a time of their choosing.

It’s convenient at all times, but more so during an emergency. 

3. It lets you showcase your services

An online page is a perfect platform to reveal your service offerings. Be it a section that highlights your skills or one that emphasises available health treatments and packages, all a potential patient needs to do is click.

Digitisation gives your patients easier access – and that’s what they need in today’s world. 

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4. It helps expand your reach

An online presence ensures that apart from making a mark, you can reach people across India. People in other cities can also access relevant information and can push your growth. 

5. It eases the appointment process

Not so long ago, people had to queue up to get doctor appointments. This made way for staying on hold on the telephone. But a website can take the burden of appointments off your shoulders completely.

It lets patients and potential patients browse at their convenience and set up, change, rebook, or cancel appointments, if need be. 

6. It lets you advertise effectively

You can also take advantage of tools that the internet offers, including Google AdWords and targeted advertising, let you reach your patients. It is important to make your website search-engine-friendly so that it reaches more prospective patients. 

7. It builds patient engagement 

Most often than not, digital-led services translate into a better customer experience. If accompanied with an excellent consultation approach, this means happy, satisfied clients.

You can allow past and present patients to post reviews and spread the word. Over time, you can build patient loyalty and a positive referral base.

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8. It provides patient insights

It’s very important for doctors to know what exactly your patients thought of the entire experience – online or offline.

From finding you to booking an appointment and from getting inputs on treatment to feedback on a particular doctor’s manner, analytics will let you know what visitors liked or disliked.

This allows you to adopt the insights into your clinic and services so you gain fame as a patient-centric clinic. 

9. It increases growth opportunities

An online presence can provide a great opportunity for growth. Apart from engaging current patients and drawing new ones, you can also take advantage of opportunities that telemedicine and digital consultations bring to grow your business.

This ensures that your practice grows beyond city limits without you having to step out of your clinic. 

The bottom line

Any clinic or medical practice seeking to compete in today’s rapidly changing times needs to adopt and adapt to digital tools to reach, attract, and retain new patients. Getting online can ensure versatility, flexibility, and increased responsive ability to ensure better healthcare delivery while boosting your profits. 

Boost 360 offers a clinic-specific theme and features that help you make a website, advertise it online, automate bookings, digitise payments, etc. And all this is accessible from a single dashboard in the app.

Use Boost 360 to build a website for doctor's, clinics and hospitals in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for doctor's, clinics and hospitals in just few minutes

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