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Learn How Creating Website Is A Boost For Doctors

by Team Boost 360
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Health is wealth, you might have heard about this saying. There might be some people who spend the effort and time to build this wealth, but surely there are many more who are searching about it, online.

“The new study indicates that looking for health or medical information is one of the most popular activities online. Only e-mail, which is used by 93 percent of the Internet population, and researching a product or service before purchase, 83 percent of users, top it.”  —

These online searches might not always give you the information you are seeking and are not exactly replacing the need for doctors. But, we are searching for them online too.

Having said that, if you are a doctor, you will know how difficult it might be to take out time from your busy practice and make this happen. Whether it is the struggle to find a decent website developer and designer, or the challenge of making the website SEO friendly and hosting it. But, this should not keep you from having a website and an effective online presence.

Thanks to online-business solutions, like Boost for Doctors, this is easy and quick.

It has all standard features of Boost, with some useful additional features relevant for doctors. To know more about the features of a standard Boost website, such as, auto-SEO, social sharing, call tracker, business inquiries, etc.

Boost For Doctors Features

The following features are available only for a Boost for Doctors website.

  • Add doctor timings

    Based on when you are available to see patients, you need to provide the days and timings. These are displayed on the website, allowing patients to book appointments accordingly.

  • Add services

    You can mention details of services provided by you. They will appear on your website. Patients when making an appointment can choose the specific service for which they wish to consult you.

  • Book an appointment

    The main page of the website includes the appointment scheduler widget. Patients use it to book appointments for specific available time slots and services. The smart widget also takes in the patient name, mobile number, and email id, to which the appointment details are sent after confirmation. Also, once the slot is taken, the system stops taking appointments for that slot.

  • Manage appointment details

    Doctors have access to all data related to the appointments booked and details provided by patients when booking an appointment, such as,
    – Date and time of appointment
    – Patient name
    – Patient mobile number and email
    – Doctor with which appointment was booked
    – Service for which appointment was booked
    – Appointment status, confirmed, canceled, or rescheduled

  • Download appointment report

    Doctors can download appointment details in CSV format. They can print them and use to track the appointments for the day. The data can also be used for different analysis, such as, which days or slots are more busy than others, which services are in demand, etc.

Many more new features are expected to be added in near future.

All Boost customers have option to enhance their website with some plug-n-play features and widgets, which we call Premium Add-Ons. Boost for Doctors customers can get them online from their Boost portal using NowFloats points (though few are available for free also), add them to their website immediately, and instantly have the feature available to their website visitors and patients.

From the list of various add-ons available for chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, SMS and email marketing campaigns, etc., there are couple of them that are relevant and available only for doctors. These are,

  • BMI Calculator: Once added, the visitors to the doctors’ website can use it to calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI). They need to just  enter their height, weight, and know their BMI with a click. Useful tool to attract visitors to their website, and it is available free for the doctor to add. It is free for the visitors anyways.
  • Navia Life Care: Navia provides a patient engagement solution that helps in improving patient retention and doctor’s practice. It acts as an interface between doctors existing systems and patients, making it easier for doctor to improve patient care. From the Boost portal, doctors can buy and subscribe to this solution, and make the features available through their website and Navia apps.

So, if you are a doctor and want to have direct access to your patients, it is time you get Boost Website Builder for Doctors.

For a demo, call 1860–123–1233 or email

NOTE: The Boost solution is scalable for clinics that offer services of multiple doctors. Boost for Clinics provides you all the above features, build to handle the complexity of multiple doctors and their schedules.
Use Boost 360 to build a website for doctor's, clinics and hospitals in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for doctor's, clinics and hospitals in just few minutes

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