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Different Digital Solutions to Start Your Telemedicine Practice

by Team Boost 360
Different Digital Solutions to Start Your Telemedicine Practice

If you are considering starting up a telemedicine practice, it’s time to get on to this revolutionary new train and adopt the many benefits it has to offer. Telemedicine, as the latest innovation in medical technology, that uses information knowledge and telecommunication, can today give you the opportunity of securely and remotely providing clinical healthcare to patients in spite of the distance factor.

Taking advantage of connected health or technology-enabled care solutions can bring you closer to your patient, especially in the era of social distancing and remote working. Having effective communication with your patient can be the single most crucial factor in keeping an eye on your patient’s condition while ensuring that they receive the best healthcare in a familiar and uninterrupted scenario.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery

With the convergence of health technology, mobile devices and digital media, telehealth solutions today can address many of the challenges facing medicine while enabling the efficient integration of healthcare.

Here are some compelling reasons why you need digital solutions to transform healthcare delivery for your patients.

  • An integrated platform that connects various virtual systems and provides you with the 360° view of your patient.

  • Cost-effective solution for your patients at a time when demands on healthcare services are rising.

  • Connected, medical devices that offer quality healthcare, including health applications, mobile diagnostics, and so on.

  • A patient-centred, outcome-based delivery model that can educate and instruct your patients and further drive engagement.

  • Increasing evidence that informed patients are starting to improve self-care and adhere to medication.

  • The unique ability to improve access, particularly for those with mobility problems.

  • A well-designed yet straightforward solution that is easy to use, providing you with trustworthy and accurate information while guaranteeing that your data stays secure.

  • Helping you communicate with your patient and providing understandable information on how to lead a healthier life.

  • Easy access to patient health information while informing patients, whenever and wherever they are, through their interoperable patient record.

  • Prioritising alarm calls to appropriate responders that can reduce emergency service activities.

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Exploring Telehealth Options

We have seen how the healthcare culture has gradually moved over the past decade from a purely fee-for-service model to value-based reimbursements and bundled payments. This changing climate, over the years, has motivated doctors and healthcare systems to maximise quality services and discover new ways to improve the utilisation of resources without compromising the care and satisfaction of their patients.

So, what are the different telehealth solutions you can employ to align your clinical, financial and functional objectives, while at the same time offering high-quality remote care and enhancing the cooperation with your patient?

If you are looking to benefit from the next frontier in medical care, there are over 30 service lines that are already using digital telehealth tools with consistency.

Typically, there are four basic telehealth categories, and a digital solution can be tailored to your specific service line addressing your particular patient requirements. These categories include:

  1. Synchronous: A video-based appointment that allows you to have a live and bidirectional interaction with your patient. This category could be used to consult, understand health exams, educate, and train and observe patients. In some cases, this option has also been used to monitor patients in intensive care units.

  1. Store and forward: This option is employed to transmit data such as images, test results, educate and train, and integrate into patient portals. Captured sounds and pictures that have been stored can be forwarded to you to help you evaluate your patient remotely.

  1. Remote monitoring: This option is incredibly helpful for specific patients who require to monitor their vital signs such as blood pressure and promoted directly to you for your review. Collecting vital signs and health progress information from chronically ill individuals can help you provide the right care and support in real-time to your patients.

  1. Mobile health and wellness: Mobile devices or wearable digital tools that promote a healthy diet, behaviour and deliver real-time reminders and alerts are typically employed in this case. Besides, enabling remote case management, including all kinds of monitoring, such as vital signs and behavioural assistance, can be integrated into this option. From smart clothing to medical monitoring devices, this option is especially helpful for remote workers or elderly patients that require assistance in their location.

In an environment where outcomes are dominant and focusing on patients is paramount, when adopting new digital tools to set up your telemedicine practice, you also need to consider how value needs to be demonstrated across stakeholders.

This often involves constructing novel capabilities, understanding the unfamiliar business model and partnering with the right company that offers an adequate return on your monitoring and resource investment.

If these challenges are confronted, you not only have the potential of creating stronger bonds with their patients and gaining a crucial advantage in a highly competitive marketplace, but you could also see a significant increase in payoffs.

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The Bottom Line

The onset of 2020 revealed the importance and relevance of two-way video communication between doctors and patients, due to the sudden impact of the global pandemic.

Today, we have the opportunity of getting in touch with our patients, receiving responses, prescribing medications and looking into patient care through a virtual environment that balances out most inequalities.

Telehealth facilities fulfil the natural demands in the digital age. They close the gap between patients and doctors without the need of losing long hours through travelling while still obtaining all the advantages that healthcare has to offer.

The right digital solution to kickstart your telemedicine practice can securely connect you with your patient no matter where they are. Besides, you could also organise multi-participant conferences to benefit from remote training or expertise sessions among your peer network in real-time.

From remote patient monitoring that can mitigate the progression of the disease by extending care outside your practice and into the patient’s home, to offering chronic care management and transitional care management, you would need to look into the appropriate digital telehealth solution that can help grow your practice with minimal disruption and maximum returns.

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for doctor's, clinics and hospitals in just few minutes

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