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Manage Your Boost 360 Website from Mobile or Desktop

by Team Boost 360
Manage your website from mobile or desktop
Create your website in 5 minutes

There are many reasons why Boost 360 is the perfect choice for your business, and convenience is one of them.

Creating an advanced business website can take anything between a week to several months. But with Boost 360, you can do it in 5 minutes flat! Wondering how?

No coding knowledge required

Not only can you create a website within minutes, you can do it without knowing coding.

Just follow the easy step-by-step directions on the Boost 360 app and get an advanced business website that meets your needs.  

No server or hosting costs

Our previous blog explained how you did not need to know coding to create a Boost 360 website. Now we will discuss hosting. 

Paying for hosting can hurt the pocket especially when you are a small business. Boost 360 offers free web hosting on all its plans to make going digital affordable for you. 

Secure online platform

Besides free hosting, Boost 360 also offers free comprehensive website security on its platform.

Our SSL, PCI DSS and HIPAA-compliant services conform to global security norms and ensure the full safety of your data and financial transactions. 

Cost-effective monthly plans

In the last blog, we discussed how our fully secure platform can ensure the safety of your data.

Now, let us move on to monthly plans. Our cost-effective monthly plans are specially designed to help you achieve your business goals by empowering you with the right digital tools. 

Manage your website from mobile or desktop

Apart from offering affordable monthly plans, Boost 360 makes it incredibly easy to manage your own website.

Just log on to the platform and carry out the updates you wish to make. You can manage your website from the desktop as well as the mobile app.

If you want to get the most out of your business website, the key is to manage it well. There are many things that go into managing a website, including technical tasks. This explains why companies prefer to hire website managers for the day-to-day maintenance of their sites.  

Why Website Management is Necessary

A website is a dynamic thing. It must be updated on a regular basis. This helps it stay relevant for your customers.

A website that is not updated, paints the business in an unprofessional light, harms its business image, and drives away potential leads.  

There is another reason why content updates are crucial for a website. It helps you improve your search ranking. Google is programmed in such a way that it promotes those websites that are updated on a regular basis.

This means websites that are frequently updated have a higher chance of improving their ranking, helping you gain online exposure.  

In any case, content updates are not the only thing you need to take care of when you own a business website. There are other things as well.

These include: solving technical glitches, SEO, setting up your e-commerce profile, and so on. All this requires technical knowhow which is available with a website manager.

However, hiring a website manager—even a part time one—tends to be quite expensive for a small business, leading most of them to skip digital marketing altogether. This causes them to lose out on thousands of likely customers.  

Get your business online in just few minutes!

Website Management with Boost 360

At Boost 360, we are aware of the challenges that small businesses face in trying to manage their website. That is why, we have created a revolutionary new platform which eliminates the need to hire a website manager altogether.

In the first blog, we discussed how you could create a website on your own in under five minutes with the help of the Boost 360 app. The same technology also helps you manage your website with ease from the app and web portal. 

Boost 360 App 

This is what the app looks likeThe Boost 360 app is a powerful, simple, user-friendly tool with which you can operate your website.
















It enables you to perform a wide range of functions thereby giving you complete control over your site. Plus, it displays several important website analysis metrics which helps you find out more about your ROI.

Here is a list of the key features that are available on your Boost 360 app: 

    • Website Readiness Score: To highlight what needs to be done to help you create a quality website that is complete in all respects.
    • Social Media Integration: To help you reach out to customers through channels like Google My Business, Facebook and Twitter. 
    • Boost Academy: A place where you can find resources to help you use our platform more effectively. 
    • Business Report: A place where you can find statistics like Customer Enquires, Customer Orders and more.  
    • Website Report: Statistics like Web Traffic, Unique Visits and Address Views are available in this section. 
    • Business Details: You can add key information like business description, phone number, and business hours by visiting the relevant section.
    • Blogs and Updates: You can easily add new content through the app to keep the website relevant. Images: You can add a variety of images like Feature Image, Background Image and more by selecting them from the phone memory or using your mobile camera. 
    • Product/Service Catalogue: You can add products and services to the e-catalogue so that your customers can place orders. 
    • Plan Subscriptions: It is possible to select a suitable subscription plan and pay for it from the app itself. 

Such features provide users with a high degree of flexibility and control over their business website. All you need to have is a smartphone and a stable internet connection which allows you to manage your website from any location. 

Here's what Boost 360 can do for your business

Boost 360 Web Portal

This is what the web portal looks like 

Apart from the app, Boost 360 also provides access to an advanced web portal. Its functions are similar to the app except that it is presented on a different device. It is ideal for those who find it easier to work on a desktop than a smartphone.

It is also a great option to use if you wish to upload long content pieces like blogs, as formatting is easier on a desktop. 

Making Website Management Simple 

With Boost 360, you do not need to worry about technical maintenance issues like hosting, security, SEO, site speed etc. as these things are taken care of by us. All you need to do is update your web content on a regular basis to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing for your small business.

Boost 360 makes digital marketing so simple that you can manage it on your own. Our simple yet powerful platform helps you cut down on your expenses while allowing you to reap the tremendous benefits of digital marketing at the same time. 

What’s more, you can manage your website anytime, anywhere and thus enjoy unmatched flexibility and convenience. Our representatives are always on hand to guide you with your content strategy. Technical glitches, if any, are handled by our technical team. 

A Website for Every Business

Till recently, the high costs associated with creating and maintaining a business website meant that the advantages of digital marketing could only enjoyed by a few.

But the arrival of Boost 360 has taken digital marketing to the smallest businesses which can now easily create a website and promote their products and services online at bare minimum cost. And the best part is, operating Boost 360 is so simple that it makes managing your website as easy as ABC!

With clear directions, a comprehensive website readiness score, and regular suggestions from our customer service assistant, RIA, about what you should and should not do to improve your website and reach out to more customers, Boost 360 makes it possible to design, execute and benefit from a strong digital marketing programme. 

Digital Solution for Small Businesses 

At Boost 360, we understand how busy businessmen tend to be. That is why we have created a platform that allows you to enjoy the advantages of digital marketing by investing minimum time and effort. 

Whether it is retail, services, healthcare, manufacturing, education or any other business type, Boost 360 is fully capable of catering to your needs. Try it now to take the business online and enjoy unmatched growth and success. 

Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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