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How to use images that turn your business website visitors into loyal customers

by Team Boost 360

We live in a visual world. A customer walks into a physical store because they like what they see from outside.

Similarly, when customers land on your business website, their attention tends to move to your images first. If they like what they see, they will continue to browse and hopefully make a purchase.

 This guide will walk you through the process of creating images for your Boost site that will help you grow your business further.

Get your lighting right

natural lightNatural lighting is free and much easier to work with.

If you are shooting indoors, set up your shooting table near a large window, ideally one that allows lots of light into the room.

You want to light your product evenly and without shadows. If the light is too harsh, you can diffuse it by placing a cloth or white paper over the window.

The product should always be in focus

Product in focusMake sure the main focus of the image is the object you want your audience to look at. Plain white backgrounds are always better to view the image. Consider using a mannequin or model to display products like clothes, accessories etc.

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Turn the flash off

Turn the flash offThe flash on your phone is no good for photography. Lighting can be a little tedious to set up, but when done right, brings beautiful results.

It’s always best to shoot when the day is at its brightest, giving you more light to play with.

Shoot multiple angles and details

Shoot multiple angles and detailsUpload at least 5 to 8 images per product to give customers an accurate impression of the quality of your products.

At the very least, show a front, side and back view of the product, along with a detailed shot.

Use high-quality images

Use high-quality images

67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is very important in selecting a product.

As more and more people surf the web on devices with high-resolution displays, using low-quality images is no longer acceptable.

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Pay attention to the image size

Pay attention to the image sizeGetting the balance right between quality images and website speed can be tricky. Lucky for you, Boost comes with image guidelines you can follow to provide customers with the best experience on your website.

No stretching or squashing of images

No stretching or squashing of imagesWhen resizing your images it is essential to lock the width and height values so that if you decrease the height of your image the width also decreases at the same time and vice versa.

Stretching or squashing of images happens when the image is resized incorrectly.

Use good stock photography

Use good stock photographyUsing stock photography for background images can be a fantastic, cost-effective solution.

There are a number of libraries to choose from, such as UnsplashPixabayPexels, which have a good collection of professional photos.

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Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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