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How to choose the right platform for your website: A 6-part series

by Team Boost 360
Create your website in 5 minutes
Create your website in 5 minutes

There are many reasons why Boost 360 is the perfect choice for your business, and convenience is one of them.

Creating an advanced business website can take anything between a week to several months. But with Boost 360, you can do it in 5 minutes flat! Wondering how?

No coding knowledge required

Not only can you create a website within minutes, you can do it without knowing coding.

Just follow the easy step-by-step directions on the Boost 360 app and get an advanced business website that meets your needs.  

No server or hosting costs

Our previous blog explained how you did not need to know coding to create a Boost 360 website. Now we will discuss hosting. 

Paying for hosting can hurt the pocket especially when you are a small business. Boost 360 offers free web hosting on all its plans to make going digital affordable for you. 

Secure online platform

Besides free hosting, Boost 360 also offers free comprehensive website security on its platform.

Our SSL, PCI DSS and HIPAA-compliant services conform to global security norms and ensure the full safety of your data and financial transactions. 

Cost-effective monthly plans

In the last blog, we discussed how our fully secure platform can ensure the safety of your data.

Now, let us move on to monthly plans. Our cost-effective monthly plans are specially designed to help you achieve your business goals by empowering you with the right digital tools. 

Manage your website from mobile or desktop

Apart from offering affordable monthly plans, Boost 360 makes it incredibly easy to manage your own website.

Just log on to the platform and carry out the updates you wish to make. You can manage your website from the desktop as well as the mobile app.

Creating a business website is not easy. It can take weeks—sometimes even months—to get a website that caters to your needs and meets your expectations. 

But what if we told you, you could get a fully functional business website in 5 minutes flat? One that is fast, effective, well-designed, easy-to-operate, and meets your requirements?  

With Boost 360, you can create a business website in the time it takes for you to read this blog! 

Sounds incredible? Read on to know how this is possible with just a smartphone as your aid.

Get your business online in just few minutes!

Creating a Website the Traditional Way

There are so many websites these days that it is easy to forget how much time and effort goes into creating one. Let us try and explain this with an example.  

Let’s say you run a mobile and electronics store. To be really effective, you’ll need a business website that promotes your shop and offers e-commerce services to customers. These are the steps you must take to create such a website. 

  • Finding a developer: The first step is to find a website developer (computer programmer) who understands your needs. They should be able to deliver the complete website to you within the required time frame.  
  • Getting hosting: Every website needs hosting—including yours. The term ‘hosting’ refers to the renting of space on a server to store website-related files and data. 
  • Setting up website security: Both you and your customers will be exchanging sensitive information through the website. Hence, it is important to ensure that any information sent through the site is absolutely secure. 
  • Updating the website: Once the website has been created, you need to ensure that new content is added to it on a regular basis. It will keep the website active, your customers updated, and fetch a good ranking for your site.
    In particular, you must:
  • See to it that any change in the business details like address, phone number, email, business hours etc. are promptly updated on the site.
  • Try and post fresh content like blogs and business updates on a regular basis to maintain a good search ranking. 
  • Keep the product catalogue fully updated if you are offering e-commerce services through your site. 
  • Maintaining the website: Your website could develop technical snags. Hence, you need to employ a website manager who can troubleshoot minor problems. 
  • Setting up campaigns for traffic: Want to reap the full benefits of your website? Then you must set up a digital marketing campaign to increase web traffic. 
  • Collecting payments: If you are offering e-commerce service, it is important to set up a reliable payments system to collect money from your customers. 
  • Communicating with customers: Responding to customer enquiries is a key part of executing a successful digital strategy that meets your business goals.  

Clearly, creating a business website is a challenging process which demands a lot of time and hard work. The good news is that there is a faster way to obtain a site. Boost 360 makes website development so simple that it seems as easy as ABC!

Here's what Boost 360 can do for your business

The Boost 360 Method 

With Boost 360, there is no need to get into complications like hiring a web developer or trying to get hosting as the app takes care of such issues. The process of creating a website becomes so fast and simple that it can all be done in a flash. 

Here is what you need to do to create a Boost 360 website. 

  1. Download the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and install it on your phone. 
  2. Select your business type from the list (e.g., retail, services, healthcare etc.). 
  3. Register your business details (business name, address, email, phone number etc.). 
  4. Select your URL (i.e., your website name/website address. This is what customers will key into the browser when they wish to visit your site). 
  5. Connect the following accounts if you have them – Google My Business, Facebook and Twitter. Users who do not have these accounts can create them later and link it to the app.
  6. That’s all! Your business website is live and ready for viewing! You can now go online, write business updates and engage with your customers. 

In the following days, you can slowly add details like business description, business hours, business logo, featured image, and so on, to complete your website. This is extremely important, as without these your website will not be able to get enough traffic. 

You will also need to add products to the e-catalogue if you wish to start an e-commerce service. 

Boost 360 automatically analyses your site and offers suitable recommendations. Following them will help you keep your website in good shape and attract increasing visitors. 

Digital Solution for Small Businesses 

At Boost 360, we understand how busy businessmen tend to be. That is why we have created a platform that allows you to enjoy the advantages of digital marketing by investing minimum time and effort. 

Whether it is retail, services, healthcare, manufacturing, education or any other business type, Boost 360 is fully capable of catering to your needs. Try it now to take the business online and enjoy unmatched growth and success. 

Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes
Use Boost 360 to build a website for retail businesses in just few minutes

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