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5 Key Steps To Building A Great Small Business Website

by Team Boost 360
5 Key Steps To Building A Great Small Business Website

Blog summary

  • It is crucial to have a business website in today’s day and age. 
  • A good business website can help you increase your sales and improve your business reputation. 
  • You can use your website to highlight customer testimonials and business achievements to impress customers. 

Irrespective of the kind of business you have, it is crucial to have a website to support it. Your website will help you drive your business in this digital world. It will allow your audience to know more about your company and get them to buy from you.

A website is a gateway to welcome new customers. It tells people about the company and what it stands for. Additionally, it communicates about the product or service offered by the company thereby increasing customer engagement.

It’s a digital platform that will accurately represent your brand. Lots of small business owners tend to build a website for free or choose to build a free website.

While free websites have their limitations, they help in creating a brand identity; and once your business picks up, you can always upgrade to a paid version. 

If you want to create a website for a new business or improve the one you already have, here are five strategic steps that you can expect from a website maker.

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1. Get The Right Website Address

It’s essential that a web designer pays attention to the domain name. Your domain name, which is also your website address, is usually how people get to your site.

Not only is it important for SEO purposes it also helps people remember your company’s website. 

Get The Right Website AddressHere are some tips on how to get the best domain:

  • Ensure that the spelling of the domain name is simple. Try not to use slang or words that are hard to understand when you create a website.
  • Try to keep it short. The easier it is to remember and type, the better it is.
  • Don’t use any numbers or hyphens when you create a website. Numbers are hard to remember, and domain names that contain only words are easier to recall.
  • Make sure the domain name stands out. With so many websites on the internet, it’s important that your site’s name is memorable so people can remember it. Choose a general address so that you have scope for making changes to it in the future. 
  • Check with your website maker about the domain name before you create a website. Browse the internet to see if a comparable website address already exists, and make sure it doesn’t contain any names and logos similar to yours.
  • Ascertain that the domain name aligns with your brand’s name so that your audience can relate to it.

2. Put A Concise Summary Of Your Business In A Prominent Place

The messaging that you convey on your website should be clear and concise. Your website should represent your brand; therefore, choose the right messages and words to explain your products or services at a glance. Simple language and images, leave less room for confusion.

Your homepage’s main banner, also called the “hero image,” and any other banners that follow it should be accurate depictions of your services. You should also have a short message that tells people about your business.

Ensure that both your main navigation menu and your footer navigation menu have prominent “About Us” page links that tell your brand’s story to new visitors.

3. Have An Interesting And Eye-Catching User-Interface

A well-designed and interactive user interface will keep visitors engaged.

Everyone who visits your website must have a good and lasting impression; therefore, pay attention to the interface.

Plus, make sure that the navigation process is easy so that people who aren’t familiar with the digital space can also go through your website with ease.

4. Make Sure Search Engines Can Find Your Business Website

You can use SEO techniques on your website to make sure search engines rank you higher. This will help you find the right customer base.

When you build a website for free or choose to build a free website, ensure you implement the best SEO practices.

Keep SEO in mind while writing for your website. Search engines promote well-designed and well-worded websites to rank higher, so pay attention to this aspect. 

Make Sure Search Engines Can Find Your Business Website

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5. Create And Publish Good Content Consistently

Search engines care about how much content you have and how consistently you post, so always post quality content on your site.

If you want to score a higher ranking on search engines and get people to come back to your site, you should update it with new, relevant content whenever you create a website.

Testimonials are a great type of content to post on your website, in addition to blogs and articles. A great way to add new, high-quality content when building a website for free is to increase the appeal of your small business by soliciting customer testimonials.

Assure that the tone of your content is appropriate and consistent with your brand when you create a website.

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