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4 Things Every Business Website Should Have

by Team Boost 360
4 Things Every Business Website Should Have

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  • Business websites must be equipped with certain features like responsive design, seamless checkout and complete online security to serve customers efficiently.  
  • The absence of key features could hamper the customer experience and end up impacting your earnings. 
  • Boost 360 can help you create a website with all the key features in place within minutes at a fraction of the cost of creating a custom website.  

Every business website is unique in its own way. But they need to have a few basic elements to be effective in attracting customers and maximising conversion rates.

If you are planning to create a business website, pay attention to the four elements below to ensure that your online business stays relevant and competitive.

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1. Responsive website 

Did you know that more people search the internet from their mobile phones than tablets, laptops and desktops?

That’s why you need a responsive website which provides a good user experience irrespective of the device on which it is viewed. 

The right website builder will allow you to build a website that offers an equally good experience on laptop, mobile and smartphone.

Website builders like Boost 360 provide you with a responsive website which you can build yourself using the mobile application.

With Boost 360, you can gain access to a visually appealing business website that is ready for every device with clear text, well-aligned images, and easily playable videos.

2. Seamless purchase and checkout 

Customers today have a wide range of payment options to complete a shopping deal. Hence, if you are building an e-commerce business website, you need to provide your customers with multiple payment methods that cater to their needs. 

Besides including multiple payment modes, it is also important to ensure that the shopping and checkout process on your website is easy and seamless.

Since a large number of drop-offs happen at the checkout stage right when the customer is making a purchase, it is in the interest of your business to make the checkout process as seamless as possible. 

3. Relevant domain name

Create a Website With Domain Name

Before you set out to create a website, you must have a domain name. Selecting a domain name that is easy to recall and relevant to your business is the first step to starting your online journey.

A domain name is nothing but your address on the internet. The best domain names are those that include the name of your business in the web address (e.g.,

Since every domain name is unique and no other company or business can claim it, you need to choose a relevant name that reflects your brand identity and differentiates your business at the same time. 

4. Complete web security

If your website is not secure, you could run into a lot of trouble.

Cyberattacks are happening all the time and you might easily fall victim to one of these, ending in the loss of confidential data including bank-related information belonging to you and your customers. 

Google, too, flags websites that do not have proper security credentials and discourages users from visiting those sites. 

Needless to say, a website that is not properly secured using globally-accepted standards such as SSL and PCI DSS is risky for customers.

It has the potential to create a big dent in your earnings by exposing your site to fraud and restricting new visits. 

Maintaining a secure e-commerce business website will provide your customers with a pleasant online experience.

It can prevent security breaches and protect your data from being hacked by attackers and cybercriminals. 

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